Aug 3, 2016

3 Things Every Cat Parent Should Know

I've been an animal lover since I was little. I remember throwing pennies into an old wishing well and always wishing for the same thing; a cat. Sadly my dream never came true..until I turned 22 and my then boyfriend at the time surprised me with a sweet fluff ball for our two year anniversary. Fast forward 7 years later, one cat, one big move and now another small kitten into the mix and it's been one crazy ride! Since now being the proud Momma of 2 cuddly cats, I've learned a lot about being a cat parent such as these 3 things.

1. Keep Them Happy- It doesn't seem like much since cats are very independent animals, but especially for my indoor cats, I want them to be happy while I'm gone. I've gotten a few fun toys for them to enjoy ( some even with cat nip that makes them go wild! ) and a scratching post for Belle to enjoy since she still has her claws. I also grab a cozy blanket near the window for them to cuddle up into when the days get long and they want to enjoy a little cat nap or bird watching.

2. Feed Them Right- Ellie hasn't always been a picker eater but sometimes her sensitive stomach can cause her to not want to eat her regular food. Belle on the other hand loves to gobble everything and anything up in sight, being an 8 week kitten and all. Thankfully I get the best of both for my sweet cats and they both enjoy licking their paws and lips for Purina Pro Plan Wet Food. This delicious can includes REAL meat, poultry and fish. Plus its full of great nutrition, 5 grams of protein and keeps added moisture to their diet! 

3. Their Body Language- Of course cats will purr when they are happy but did you know the other signs that cats make? Ellie will yelp if her and Belle are playing which signals to her sister that she has had enough. Other times, Belle will put her ears back if she's feeling distressed or worried. Always watch for how their eating and their behavior as well. Knowing your cats body language is key to understanding and how you can have the best relationship with your cat. 

Knowing all of this, I encourage all of you to make sure you're doing all you can for your sweet cats. And hey, why not pass on the love and share this great coupon for Purina Pro Wet Cat Food! Your cats deserve the best, and you as their parent are ensuring they live happy purrfect lives.

What's something you didn't know about your cat?
Have any fun cat stories to share?

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  1. These are all great tips! Our cat has never really eaten wet food but I would love to try this for her. It sounds great!

  2. Aww I miss my cats! Great tips!

  3. I never considered myself a cat person but I had one in college and would consider getting another! Great tips!

  4. I never considered myself a cat person but I had one in college and would consider getting another! Great tips!


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