Aug 11, 2016

Awaiting Fall

When I was younger I used to love the summer. If someone asked me what my favorite season was, summer was always my number once choice. What's not to love though right? You're out of school ( HUGE ! ) you get to travel, hang out with friends, celebrate birthdays ( mine! ) , go to the pool, shop and just enjoy your freedom.

Now as I'm older, I'm not so much into the heat, especially living here in Atlanta. Summer isn't really summer with being 'free' since I work full time and my 'freedom' consists of an hour at best by myself running to Target without a toddler. Yes, life has certainly changed a lot since being a child.

And with that, I've been realizing that my new favorite season isn't summer anymore (besides of course loving to celebrate my birthday ;) ) but Fall. My husband loves the fall. He loves watching football games, being outside, camping, building fires and cooking smores over them and just throwing on a sweatshirt and jeans. I've become accustomed to loving what he loves as well and realized that I now enjoy fall more than summer too!

Of course, with it being August already, there are already several things I'm hoping to accomplish when the end of the month happens so I thought I'd share my Fall list with you all.

1. Visit an Apple Orchard- Would you believe me if I said I've actually never been to one before! I know Georgia has a few of them north of Atlanta and would love to go with my family sometime. If you have any recommendations let me know!

2. Go Through A Corn Maze - Zach and I used to do this when we lived in Chicago and loved trying to find our way on the map. I'm the worst with directions so I'd always just take his lead ;) I'm hoping we're able to bring Lily with us sometime and find one!

3. Watch A Family Traditional Movie- One of my favorite movies to watch over the fall is cuddling up with comfy blankets and watching a fun movie together! Especially when it's cold and windy out!

4. Bake. Alright so we all know I may not be an amazing baker, but I do enjoy getting in the kitchen every once in a while. I also love to make anything pumpkin ( shocker I know ) so I can't wait to find some yummy recipes, like this no bake pumpkin pie! Um, can we all say give me?!

What are you excited to do this fall?
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  1. I seriously love fall. There's something about it that brings back all the memories of my childhood every year. I love it, and now that I have children I love passing down certain traditions. :)

  2. Fall is the best! I just don't know if I want to wish summer away so soon because then we are that much closer to winter... and I can't stand the freezing weather. lol

  3. I've always loved the summer even as an adult. I love being outside in the heat and miss it when the fall rolls around. Don't get me wrong though I do enjoy the fall as well but I love the summer more.

  4. You know, I'm the same way. I used to LOVE Summer & everything about it but within the last couple of years, I've really grown to love Fall - football, Souper Sundays, sweatshirts, Halloween, my wedding anniversary & pumpkin EVERYTHING. Yea, I really love Fall. :)

  5. I love Fall too, although our fall is pretty hot still, we don't typically cool down until after Halloween and even then sometimes we're wanting to wear shorts and t-shirts for Thanksgiving! :) But that summer/fall transition is the BEST!


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