Aug 1, 2016

Birthday Weekend Recap

It's been such a big week and weekend I don't even know where to begin! As many of you know last week we had our best friends drive in from Iowa to spend an entire week with us! Along with their 3 adorable kiddos, we had such a great time catching up, playing with the kid (which Lily couldn't get enough of), playing outside and enjoying quality time that we haven't had in about a year.
Rob and Felicia are such great parents to their kids and even 'adopted' Lily for the week taking her along with them to some of Atlanta's favorite staples like the Children's Museum, the Atlanta Zoo and the Aquarium. It was such a huge effort and help for Zach and I since we still had to work throughout the week but I loved getting all the Snapchat videos throughout the day of how it was going.

Friday was my big birthday day as you know. I was dreading turning 30 in all honesty but it turns out that with the big number comes lots of big changes and new things ( imagine that! ;) ) I left work early that day to go pick up my little sister from the airport. Felicia and my best friend Mary, who was in from out of town also joined us to get our nails done, enjoy some shopping, ice cream and just chatting. All afternoon I was anxiously awaiting to get home because I wanted to get ready for a big dinner I had with all of my friends when I suddenly walked through my garage and was greeted by 30 friends, family members and neighbors including my Aunt and Uncle, parents and sister-in-law, all who had flown in for the weekend! I began to cry immediately when I saw my parents because I had really wished they could have been there for my special day. Apparently my sneaky husband had been planning this party for the last 4 months! My best friend made me a Harry Potter cake which was the icing to my perfect day!
Saturday and Sunday were low key despite such a busy week that we had. We said goodbye to our besties who drove back to Iowa and then walked around with my family members in our town square, showing them our town and all the fun things we love to do in the South. On Sunday, my sister-in-law, sister, her boyfriend Dan and myself all went on a long hike up at Kennesaw National Park. It only was 5 miles but it was pretty intense during some moments.

While I loved having so many visitors, friends and family members over the last few days, I'm happy to get back in my regular routine again. I really had such a memorable time with so many amazing people to celebrate such a big milestone birthday. Can anyone feel that lucky?! As always, I truly feel special having so them and all of you in my life. Thanks for all your well wishes too! You sure know how to keep me smiling! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!

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Tell me how your weekend went! 
What's the longest hike you've accomplished? 
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  1. Happy happy belated birthday! Looks like it was a wonderful weekend =0)

  2. Happy birthday Cait! Wishing you the best year yet!

  3. Happy Birthday! What an adorable cake! Hope you had a blast! :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!! Love the cake!!

  5. What a awesome surprise! Happy. Birthday!!!!

  6. Happy birthday! And oh my gosh, that cake is amazing! We made a birthday cake for Harry Potter yesterday, which my kids got a kick out of, but it was nothing like that!

  7. Happy belated birthday! You will rock your thirties!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I love that cake! Such a great job. Wow!

  9. Happy Birthday, my fellow Leo! Stopping by from Sunshine and Elephants. I came across your comment from a previous post and realized I never stopped by for a visit and decided to stop by like I promised. Looks like you brought in 30 very well. I will be turning 45 next week...ughhhh!! Lol, no I'm embracing it. Just a lot of things I still wish to accomplish. Take care! ~Lowanda :)


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