Aug 12, 2016

My Friday Favorites!

Maybe it's just me but this week was a draining one. A few things happened that were pretty big pumps in the road but I'm learning to navigate my way through it all. It's life right and there are always pretty significant things that happen in our life but it's not a set back, just a step forward in what will be the right path.

Anyways, anyone have fun plans going on this weekend? Tonight I'm actually excited to do a double date night with our best friends and then head to the movies to see Suicide Squad. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of these types of movies but Zach loves them so of course I'll go to support him. After all, he may have to go see Bad Mom's with me because all my girlfriends are saying the movie is totally worth it to see! Have you seen it?! Okay, enough chatter! Let's get to my favorite part of Friday which is sharing things that I'm loving this week with you all!

1. Relive Harry Potter on Spotify- I've always been a Pandora type of a girl but when my coworker suggested that I try Spotify for the fact that I can listen to the songs that I like ( instead of waiting to hear those same 5 songs on Pandora ) and customize my own stations, I was hooked. Sign me up for listening to the "Relive Harry Potter" station all day and I'm a happy girl

2. Purina Pro Plan Cat Food- My cats have literally been running into my pantry trying to nab their favorite cans of these bad boys! It's crazy you guys! I wrote a post about it here but I'm also letting you know if you're interested, you can purchase 5 cans and get one free! I love the variety and how easy it is to store these!

3. Fall. I'm so jittery for fall it's crazy. I mean, it's only about half way through August right now and it doesn't really get to be fall for us until September ( some of the time ) but I just can't wait to grab hot apple cider, romp in the leave with my little family and enjoy watching the leaves changes hiking in our backyard. It's a time where we can enjoy being together, decorating our home and doing all sorts of fall-e ( yes I'm sure I made that up ) things!

4. Quotes. In high-school I would fill up notebooks and diaries of quotes that resonated with me at the time. I saw this quote the other day and it was exactly what I needed since this week has just been a lot. No, I don't want to really go into detail about it but just know that everything is and will be ok.

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  1. Relive Harry Potter?! What?! I think that I'm gonna have to look into that station!

    I love Spotify, I've had it for years now & it's the best $12 I spend every month cuz I use it ALL the time. I like being able to play whatever I feel like at that moment & if I wanna listen to the same song over & over again, I can! It's pretty dang great. :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I really love that Hope quote, it's so helpful for me too, thank you so much for sharing it! I can't wait for autumn either, I think it's the little moments like playing in the leaves that we remember and mean the most haha :D the little sensations and signs that tell you it's autumn time! How did you find Suicide Squad? I went with my partner and his friends the other day xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)


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