Aug 23, 2016

What's New At Cait's Corner + I NEED Your Help!

It's been a hectic few days here in my little corner of the world. I'm so thankful that at least it's Tuesday! I'm still fighting this darn cold for the past almost 3 weeks, been to a doctor, put on medicine and I feel as if I'm still having the same symptoms. Just a bad cough which is really more of an annoyance than anything. Anyone get things like this?

Anyways, I feel as if we haven't caught up on sleep, cleaning or much else since we had so much company over a few weeks ago to celebrate my big 30th birthday. While I love our normal routine, it is nice to have friends and family over and I'm already getting anxious seeing my family again soon towards the end of September!
Zach is competing in a Dragon Boat racing with his company and last weekend we ventured up to watch him practice. By we, I mean Lily and I were running around together, throwing rocks into the Lake Linear and playing with new friends while Zach was on rowing. It was a pretty long morning since it takes about an hour or so to travel up there but it's a gorgeous spot non the less! Zach competes in a few weeks and while Lily and I won't be going up to cheer him on ( it's an all day event and I honestly don't think I can handle such a big day with this crazy toddler ) we were excited to at least see what the fuss was all about! Oh and stay tuned for tomorrow on some fun things we took with us! If you're a Mom, you'll be anxious to read it!
Many of you have been asking ( and thank you so much! ) how Lily's been doing with her braces now that it's been a few months. She's been doing great actually! Although it'll be a few more months still until we see more significant change in her feet and ankles, she still does well keeping her braces on at school or if we're out to run errands which is a blessing for us. Those of you who I've been chatting with that have told me their son/daughter have also had to go get bilateral SMO's say the biggest challenge was making sure that they were on at all times. Of course, Lily has her moments where the second she gets in the car she'll take them off but we just put them back on regardless of her crying or whining. It's a work in progress but we obviously know the outcome will be that these hopefully won't be forever for her.

I can't believe August is almost over which means September is right around the corner-- anyone know what's happening in September? Well, my best friend's wedding for sure and also a huge 10 day vacation to Austria and Germany with my family! I'm going to be taking my laptop with me to document our time over there ( EEKS! ) but I'm also looking for guest bloggers as well! If you're interested in writing a guest post ( and I'd LOVE to have you! ) shoot me an e-mail and we'll chat/schedule something--> !

Well that's all my friends! I'm heading out after work to catch a private screening of a movie with my best friend and I can't wait to share with you what it is next week! No I'm not in the movie like Captain America, however you guys really have me convinced that I should get some more extra gigs and take you along with me via Snapchat/Instagram stories ;) So glad you loved all of it!
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  1. Ooh girl, that is the worst! I hope you feel way better soon!

  2. So tough! I hope you get over that cold and feel better soon!



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