Sep 20, 2016

3 Quick Lunch Tips For Back To School

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Getting back to school can be tough after a long summer. Although we may be a few weeks into back to school in our house hold, it can still be daunting getting up in the morning and trying to get out the door in time. I love to try and plan as much ahead as I can so I don't have to scramble so much after I get up. I'm always on the look out for new ways to keep me going and while I was at my local Kroger, came across two items I knew I wanted to share with you all!  

1. Prepare- Preparation is key if you want to bring your lunch every day. Think about what you want for the week, make a list and go food shopping over the weekend. Prepare any foods that you can Sunday night so you don’t have to do as much when you get home from work each night. For instance, if you want veggies and hummus, wash and cut up the vegetables then pack them in a snack bag or container. I also write down everything I need in my phone so I don't forget anything once I enter the store.
2. Stock Up- When you’re in a rush or don’t have leftovers to whip something up, use a frozen meal as a backup plan. They are super quick and ready to grab on-the-go. I also love to grab items to go such as these delicious Kellogg’s® Special Flatbread breakfast sandwiches or Kellogg’s® Special K® Protein ShakesBoth are yummy, keep me full throughout the day and I can pop them in my lunch bag while I'm heading out the door! It's perfect to keep me full and satisfied as I get through my day. What I love about both items is how nourishing they for my body and help me fuel that inner strength I need to get me going through a work day, or my toddler through her school routines. 

3. Use Your Resources - When you have downtime, search for new recipes that are easy to prepare and can last in the fridge for a few days. This way you’re not preparing meals every single day. Again, preparation is key and so fun! I even love chatting with my coworkers about what simple things they like to bring/prep for too! You can swap each week too!
If you're wanting how you can nourish your own body, mind and soul please take a look at the incredible Katie T story about how a local Atlanta photographer shares how she fortified ahead to find the strength and courage she needed to become a stronger woman. 

#NourishWhatsNext Special K at Kroger

What are your easy tricks for back to school?
How do you balance your lunch? 
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  1. Planning ahead is so key and it's great to find good things you can eat when you're in a rush too. Makes for a much better week! {client}


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