Sep 12, 2016

4 Tips for An Inviting Home!

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When Zach and I first moved into our home almost a year ago, we both wanted to feel as inviting as possible to guests, friends and family members. As big entertainers, we're always looking to have our close friends over, enjoy the coziness of our space, and make it a place where everyone feels welcome and happy to be there. I've been trying to think of some fun tips and tricks to making a home feel homey and came up with a few ideas I think you'll enjoy (and keep you and your guests staying longer)!

1. Organize- Organize clutter with pretty baskets and containers. First sort through things and get rid of anything you don’t use. You can even label your baskets or containers to keep yourself organized if you are looking for certain items later on. I love big, decorative bins that go great with my home decor and just blend in as more of a decorative element. I’ve only been a mom for a few years, but one thing I know is that when you have small children you have a lot of little toys and parts all over the place. While you put some of the toys away, give them a quick wipe down with Pledge® Lemon Wipes! These handy wipes are versatile so you don't have to just stick with messes, but it can also help eliminate dust and dirt! It's a great cleaning and protective tool while leaving behind a pleasant lemon fresh scent with each wipe.

2. Lighting- Put on lights, open up curtains; make your home as bright as possible. A well lit home will immediately let your guests know that you are expecting them and that they are welcome to sit and visit for a while. I tend to put on porch lights if company is coming over during dusk and especially if they leave our house later at night. I also turn on dim kitchen lights or our backyard porch lights to give a comforting ambiance to our home.
3. Wipe Counters/surface tops- The Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaner with Glade® Rainshower® does the work of a variety of household cleaning products. This all-purpose cleaner contains a worry-free formula that cleans up smudges and messes while safely leaving the finish alone. It also removes dust and up to 90 percent of the allergens found in dust so your guests won’t be sneezing up a storm when they walk through the door! It can be used on Wood, Laminate, Stainless Steel, Leather, Marble, Granite, Plastic, Porcelain, Glass or Electronics! It's always my go to when I'm running from the kitchen, family room, or foyer area wiping off surface tops and counters!
4. Dust Bunnies- Make it a point to dust every other day around the home or the places that collect the most dust. Don’t leave all the dust to build up and leave everyone in your home sneezing! I know my daughter has terrible allergies, so I try to dust around the house using Pledge® Lemon Clean Furniture Spray. Pledge® leaves surfaces radiant and brings out the natural beauty of your surfaces by gently cleaning and shining. Pledge® contains no harsh chemical smells that need to be neutralized or masked. The classic lemon fragrance simply creates a delightful scent experience while you clean so you know our guests will be smelling and enjoying your home.
I found my favorite Pledge® products at my local Kroger while shopping for food items for when our guests come over! I love how Pledge® really takes care of and protects all the things in my home that I love and care for, plus shares the beauty of our home to our guests with a quick spray and wipe. For more information, check out the Pledge® Facebook page!

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  1. These are great tips and a few things I never would have thought about. Thanks! (client)


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