Sep 27, 2016

9 Years Of Dating & Our Trip Thus Far

I don't know if people don't celebrate their 'Date Anniversary' after a couple gets married, but I always like to acknowledge it to Zach because it's how we first started! I was a sophomore at a college called Loras in Dubuque, IA. I had just finished a summer where I was single and had one of the best 3 months of my life with my girlfriends, road tripping to various states, staying up late watching movies and chatting, going on a few dates and there and finally finding myself.

Zach and I had met previously in an Education course together that Spring but we were both dating other people at the time and knew one another briefly. When I saw that Zach was in another course of mine that fall, we sat next to one another and chatted about our summer, plans for this semester and ideas for Halloween that would be in a few months. After getting to know him better for a few weeks, I really enjoyed his company and his friendship. We would laugh about everything, had similar hobbies and interests and just seemed to really understand one another. It was easy to see how he had so many friends both with his football team buddies, but really so many people on campus.

He asked me on a few 'dates' although we always laugh because I never wanted to consider them one. I was too nervous in all honesty but the more we were together, the more we started getting close feelings and slowly falling for one another. To say I feel in love with Zach in a matter of weeks, is pretty true. I'm sure all our friends thought we were crazy to be so serious so quickly but when people say 'you know, you know' it's so accurate! Fast forward to me finally wanting to be officially and asking HIM to be my boyfriend ( I know right.. ) we called one another our boyfriend and girlfriend September 27th, 2007.

Looking back now as I sit in our hotel room in Vienna, Austria, college graduation later, a Master's degree, 3 moves across states and the country, 2 homes and 1 daughter later, we've come so far since our college days. It's incredible the life we've created together and to say I'm blessed..well I always gush at how I really do feel that way.
Alright I'm super gushy mushy today and thanks for getting through all that with me ;) But you really want to know how our trip is going right? Obviously it's been amazing so far. The views are incredible and while the weather has been a bit rainy off and on, it doesn't stop us from sight seeing, popping into local breweries for a taste of delicious homemade hops or chowing down on authentic Viennese food. Walking the streets my very own Grandparents walked gives me goosebumps at times!

I'm off to do a bit more exploring today so have a great Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Happy dating anniversary! I think that it's an important date to remember as well even though I too am married. It's where the "magic began". Tee hee!


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