Sep 7, 2016

How to Clean Nail Polish Off Carpet

This post is sponsored by Goo Gone but my love for their cleaning products is all my own.
When Zach, Lily and I first moved into our new home last October, we knew there were going to be a few things we wanted to get rid of, paint and fix before really moving in. There were several cracked base boards, paint that was chipping and several stains in the carpet. We rented a carpet cleaner and spent nearly 5 hours shampooing, spraying and moving furniture. While I'd love to say that helped get rid of several stains, there were still a few there were lingering around.

One of the stains in our carpet happen to be in our Master bathroom. It's a dark nail polish color, right in front of our TV and I had no idea what I could use to try and lift the stain up since it had been there for a few years. I had picked up some Goo Gone the other day while shopping at Target and thought it would be the perfect solution to getting rid of the color!
1. Spray With Goo Gone-As you can see, the stain is pretty faded but I was hoping that Goo Gone would help get rid of the color. So, I sprayed a white clean paper towel with Goo Gone and blotted the stain for a few minutes.
2. Clean with Soap and Water- Once it was well coated, I took a separate clean cloth with soap and water and scrubbed the stain for about 5 minutes. I really had to scrub deep into the fibers to try and remove the pink gooey mess.
3. Pat Dry with clean cloth- After scrubbing, I took a clean dry paper towel and patted the spot for a few minutes to make absorb all the moisture.  I had to repeat steps 1 and 2 a few times to make sure each layer came out but after the third time, it's as good as new again! This handy dandy product is one I'll be using for all sorts of tough stains and I love that it even works on that residue that price tag stickers can leave on cups, plates or clothing!

Hey look I get it, messes happen. I know I've made a few messes when I was younger and I expect my toddler to make messes too. Thankfully with Goo Gone, messes don't have to be a total disaster in the clean up area and can actually be fun and easy to get rid of using this product! So what are you waiting for! Go grab Goo Gone today and help bring the fun out of the mess! 

What will you use Goo Gone for? 

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  1. OMG its a miracle cleaner! LOVE this and wish I knew about it sooner, thanks so much for sharing. This seriously just blows my mind.

  2. We had new carpets installed when we moved into our apt months ago. I was excited about it for a whole minute until I thought about the kids and messes!!! Ahhhhh! This is a product I need!!!

  3. This is going to be a life saver for my home and wallet!!!

  4. This product is a life saver! Always have a bottle handy :)

  5. My daughter spills everything on the carpet so I'd use it to clean up after her

  6. We love Goo Gone such a great product!

  7. This is awesome to know! I have nail polish on one of those PBK chairs! Going to try this. Thanks!


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