Sep 19, 2016

My Best [Guy] Friend's Wedding

This past weekend I made the long plane ride to Minnesota from Atlanta. To say I was excited to attend this wedding was an understatement. I know, I tend to say that a lot but this was a really special one to me. You see, I have two guys in my life that have been there through it all with me since the age of 5 and 7 years old. One of them is actually the Godfather to Lily so you know that's super special. My other guy best friend is one I've literally grown up to next door.

We were neighbors when I was 5 and while I liked playing with the girl down the street from me, having a new neighbor that was a boy was something different. He never pulled my hair. He never made fun of my silly frilly dresses and he always was on the go! I didn't have any brother's growing up and we soon became really close. We had sleepovers at one another's house ( which to this day makes us laugh since I would sleep on the floor and he would sleep in his bed at age ) and talk about Goosebump books, the crazy Lego's we were going to build or some big treasure hunt we wanted to make together. He clearly brought out the tomboy in me and I think we just appreciated being there for one another as we grew up as kids.
In high school, my family moved to a different neighborhood and actually his family ended up moving a few miles down from us so we still stayed in contact, visiting one another and seeing one in the hallways but it was never the same as just running over to each other's houses. I remember before my own wedding, I stayed up until about 2am, driving on our old neighborhood streets together, laughing at those childhood moments and couldn't believe that my big day was coming up. He even gave such an amazing toast in front of all our friends and family and my new husband that I ugly cried through the whole thing.
Now, attending his own wedding, I couldn't wait for him to experience it for himself! The wedding was gorgeous and exactly him and his gorgeous bride, Brittany's taste. The centerpieces were stunning, the food tasted delicious and of course, I loved all the country music that was playing! I also was super excited that a good friend of mine from 5th grade officiated of their wedding! How special for them and myself to be reunited with my elementary school friends again!

Now I'm exhausted and trying to get as much packing done as I can before I leave for Munich and Vienna on Friday! AHH! I'm so excited but so sad to be leaving Lily behind ( we had friend's watching her ) so this will be the longest Zach and I have been away from her. We know she's in great hands but I guess that means I need to bring a few gifts back for her a boot? ;) Just kidding! Hoping you all had a great weekend too!
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