Oct 13, 2016

Address Labels

Is it crazy to think hat I've moved my toddler around four times in the last two and a half years? Sometimes I think so because that's plenty of houses to be in and out of ( including two different states ) not to mention changing our address all the time.
If I'm being honest, I hate writing out of our address when mailing in checks for bills, thank you cards, birthday invites..you get the idea. I wanted a cute address label that I could stick on all of those and not worry about it. Whatever makes your life simpler!

I was contacted from Stickerapp to create my own sticker to use for giveaways, branding my blog or really whatever my choosing. Sine I was feeling so frustrated with the whole return labels ordeal, I decided to solve that solution by creating my own!

The website was extremely easy to use and since I wanted to start from scratch ( they have a huge variety of custom stickers you already use as a template if you want ) I had my product ready to go within minutes! The best part was they were shipped to my house ready for me to use within a weeks time! Talk about fast service!

I love the stickers, the logo I created for them and the simple process of making fun designs using Stickerapp. So what are you waiting for? If you want a super fun, easy and creative way to design your own stickers for whatever you have in mind, head on over to the website today and get going! The skies the limit my friend! Let me know what you create too!
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