Oct 11, 2016

Artic Zero Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of my favorite desserts. It doesn't have to be 99 degrees outside for me to want to grab a spoon, my little pit and dig right into happiness. When Arctic Zero contacted me to share some of their amazing flavors if paradise, I couldn't resist the temptation to ask them to send ALL their flavors over! I guess 5 will do for now!

I was sent Brownie Blast, Banana Pudding, Snicker-doodle Dance, Poppin Pomegranate and Cake Batter. If you were watching my Snapchats when I received them a few weeks back, my toddler was practically foaming at the mouth when I opened the box too! This guilt free, GMO and Lactose free pints are perfect for curbing your sweet tooth ( and my lactose sensitive toddler! ) Plus, there are only 150 calories per pint. Talk about delicious and satisfying!

For me, my favorite flavors are the rich Snicker-Doodle (because I love a good combination of cinnamon and sugar! ) , Brownie Batter ( I'm a huge choco-a-holic but you guys already know that ) and the surprisingly, the Banana Pudding! I actually add real pieces of banana and a bit of chocolate sauce to jazz it up a bit after dinner! Talk about one sweet dessert without the guilt ya know?

What are your guilty ice cream pleasures? 
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