Oct 4, 2016

Create A Halloween Boo Gift Kit for Your Purfect Cat!

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You would think with Halloween coming up in a few weeks I'd have everything ready to go. Unfortnately that's not the case at all since my toddler still hasn't decided what she wants to be yet. I may have an idea that she'll just go with but that's for another story ;) Speaking of Halloween and getting dressed up to go trick or treating, I hate if my little fur pets miss out on the fun festivities since, obviously, they can't come out and join the fun. I thought about why not making them a part of the holiday by making a Halloween Kit for each of them! 
Both Ellie, whose 7 and Belle whose 4 months can be picky eaters from time to time. Thankfully, they both go crazy over Temptation cat food and Sheba Perfect Portions! And when I mean crazy..I really do mean they are meowing like crazy for these adorable cans! While shopping at my local Walmart, I found everything I needed to make my adorable Boo Kit for my sweet cats. Here's what I got! 
- small bag
 - black permanent marker 
- American Greetings® Halloween stickers
- cat treats ( TEMPTATIONS® Chicken 6.3oz , TEMPTATIONS® Salmon 6.3oz, Sheba® Perfect Portions Chicken Pate)

1. Take your bag and using the black permanent marker, draw some cat prints on the front. 

2. Fill each bag with Temptations and Sheba cat treats! 
3. Add some cute stickers to your bag! You know since you're getting treats for Halloween, you don't wan to leave your furry cats out of the fun too!! Display them all in a cute bag, orange and black tissue paper for a final touch. 

4. Don't forget to add this adorable Boo Card to complete your purfect cat basket. 
I actually gifted this Boo Cat Gift basket to one of my girlfriend's who just bought a new kitten of her own! She loved all the sweet treats for her little one and I think her kitten agreed it was the a great welcome home!

See how simple and purfect they are friends?! It was actually really fun to do too! I think I'll actually be making a few more for my neighbors who also have some sweet feline friends that may want to enjoy these treats ( and Halloween goodies! ) too! Want to BooItForward too. go ahead and click the link to find out what other fun things you can do! 

Do you celebrate Halloween with your furry friends?
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