Oct 9, 2016

Hefty Bags Are More Than Strength

This post is sponsored by Hefty by all content and opinion are my own.

If you were to ask what my biggest pet peeve if is in the kitchen it's one thing one and one thing only. Gross, disgusting, smelly garbage. Yup- I hate it. It makes me gag almost it every time I open the garbage pail or garbage pin near my sink because it just smells..well gross.
When I was shopping the other day for various grocery items, I came across Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen Trash Bags. Hmm. It looked exactly like what I was needing in my kitchen. It seemed pretty strong when I took it out of the box but really, how strong is TOO strong? To find out, I decided to take Lily and see if I could lift her up. AWESOME! This strong two year old toddler of mine weighs almost 30 pounds so I was thinking there would at least be a few rips or tears after I set her back on the ground. I didn't see a single one! She also thought it was hilarious and wanted a few more 'turns' being lifted in the air so just be warned this could be a game in the making ;) I sure could have wished John Cena could have witnessed this ( or maybe just used this cute looks like those amazing commercials like this one ). 
Now for that awful scent that I hate of foul garbage when I lift the pail to put food into. Arm & Hammer has a odor neutralizer along with it. I had to try out the Lavender and Sweet Vanilla since it's already a favorite of mine to have around the house. It kept all those gross smells far away and now I love opening up the top of the can to get a few sweet whiffs.  

For those wanting to get a coupon on this sweet deal, you obviously know I won't leave you hanging! Make sure to use this super strong trash bags for your next tailgate party, fall bash or whatever party you're planning to have next! These will be a life savor for you and your guests! 
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  1. Haha omg so darling! Those are some strong bags!

  2. Hahaha somehow you make garbage looks fun!

  3. LOL I love how she's actually in the trash bag! That's one strong bag for sure!!

  4. Oh my goodness, she is the cutest! I love that she fits right in! Such a sport :) I only do hefty bag and a plus are the scented ones!

  5. Love trash bags that smell fresh! Such a game changer. Thanks for sharing :P

  6. That's all I use! I love how you put her in the trash bag!

  7. Haha love her in the trash bag! 😂 These are the best bags!

  8. I love how these smell! Definitely the best part about garbage bags nowadays.


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