Oct 17, 2016

That Time I Got a Mild Concussion At Work

Morning everyone. As I first left off on Friday, Zach and I were really anxious to show Lily a grew apple orchard over the weekend but sadly I had a bit of a scare Friday morning. I had been pretty busy first coming into work and then realized after Zach and I had switched cards that morning, he had left his computer in the back seat ( which he desperately needs ). So, I got a few things done for my first hour, ran out of work and bolted about 20 minutes in the opposite direction to give him his computer and drove another 20 minutes back to work.

I was a bit flustered since I don't really like getting interrupted through projects but I as soon as I got back I had started to get a little hungry. I made a mental note to grab a quick snack in our break room kitchen after I had a short conversation with my HR Director. We were just chatting and suddenly I started to get pretty warm. I knew at once that I was probably going to be needing to sit down soon because I've fainted before and that was my first warning sign. While my HR director was still chatting, I went to try and say that I was going to just sit against the wall but before I could even get a word out, I passed out.

The next thing I knew I was on the ground with 3 of my co-workers around me, someone on the phone with 911 and thinking "Wow this is a really strange dream." ( Those of you that have not have fainted, you get a pretty quick black tunnel vision before you black out and then feel like you're dreaming for a few seconds ). Luckily, I came out of my fainted spell pretty quickly and felt more embarrassed before I realized that I was face down on the ground.

According to my co-worker, I had not only hit my head on her door going down but then it bounced off of it and when I hit the ground, my head broke my fall. Pretty graceful right? Well you can imagine my headache when I woke up and the great goose egg I now have. The EMT arrived, asked me a few questions and basically told me I might have a mild concussion. Zach rushed over from his office to pick me up, take me home and made me call him every 2-3 hours because apparently if you fall asleep, you could never wake up.

Needless to say our weekend was pretty low key, with me icing a few parts of my right side since the fall. Although I was pretty upset we weren't able to go to the apple orchard, I am extremely grateful that nothing else happened during this crazy incident and so thankful for my quick acting coworkers and friends who helped me.

If you ever feel like you're starting to get dizzy, warm or a cold sweat, either sit down as soon as possible and put your head between your legs or call for help. It can be really be scary thing and I don't wish this upon that's had something like this happen to them! I just want to say thank you for everyone that reached out on my Instagram/Twitter over the weekend! You all are the best for cheering this girl up.

Hope you all had a better weekend then myself!
Tell me about how your weekend was! 

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  1. Oh my goodness! I can so relate to this. I did this in the middle of the busy school hallway my senior year. Fainted, woke up thinking I was having a strange dream and ended up with a concussion! I hope your head is feeling better!

  2. Oh no! You poor thing! This sounds like something that would happen to me. Hope you feel better!!

  3. Aw what a hectic day! I'm so sorry for this, hope you're back to 100% :)


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