Oct 24, 2016

Wedding Weekend In Iowa!

This weekend was spectacular! It was one I'll be remembering for a long time that's for sure. Spending time with our best friends after not seeing them for about two year since moving down to Atlanta really made us appreciate the time we have together.
Being with family if only for a few days always is good for the soul. Seeing Lily having a great time on her grandparent's farm, riding the tractor and learning about crops and how they grow made Zach and I happy. Lily had a great time enjoying some quality time with her grandparents too while Zach and I helped our friends with packing for their big day, getting their reception hall decorated and meeting up with other friends who we haven't seen in a while.
Of course, spending time with our best friend's at their wedding as well as being honored to be part of their big day was a blessing in itself. Zach, Lily and I felt so humbled that all three of us in the wedding. Lily actually did pretty well although she stood up in front with me for about 10 minutes before freaking out that a bug was on her flower girl dress. Such a girl right? I actually didn't have any cell phone reception which was nice to take a break from e-mails, blogging and social media for about 48 hours. But don't worry, I'll be sharing lots of pictures in the next few weeks.

I'm exhausted to say the least because we got home pretty late last night but I wanted to stop in and say hello to you all! Actually, I'm really excited to be sharing a lot of stuff with you this week so keep an eye out. Happy Monday friends!

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