Nov 1, 2016

4 Tips To Get A Good Night's Rest

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As a child, staying up late on a Friday night to watch my favorite TV shows was always a huge treat. Of course, staying up late would really mean turning my light off around 9pm. As an adult, I still try to keep to that schedule because of my full time career, being a Mom, taking care of our 2 cats, making sure my husband's coffee is made and ready when he wakes up and getting things done around the house. No one said Superwoman had time to sleep right? Wrong?! I actually love my sleep and while there are times I need it more than others, I came up with 4 tips to share with you to get a great night's rest when you need it the most!

1. Low Lighting- When I'm ready for bed, I can't turn on bright lights because I suddenly feel awake! I have a lamp near my bed that has a lower wattage to ensure comfort, relaxation and tranquility. Having low lighting also allows my brain to calm down after a long day of work, taking care of my toddler and enjoying time with my husband.
2. Keep Your Phone Away From Your Bed- I admit I have the worst habit of always checking my phone for e-mails, notifications or just browsing social media. By placing my phone away from my night stand, I'm not tempted to look at it realize that 2 hours have gone by!
3. Nasal Strips- Since moving to Atlanta, my husband and I have developed some pretty intense allergies to the pollen and are constantly keeping one another awake with our mouth-breathing (OOPS!) Thanks to these easy to use Breathe Right® Nasal Strips I found at Walmart, we both wake up feeling refreshed and energized! I also breathe so much easier with the strips and don't need to toss and turn to breathe properly! They are extremely simple to apply! First, wash and dry your nose to remove oils and dirt. Remove the liner and place the strip on your nose and press down the ends to gently secure. To remove the strip, wash your face with warm water and remove the strip slowly. Did you know that these nasal strips are a drug- free and clinically proven to lift your nasal passage and open your nose up to 38% to help you breathe better?* That's incredible if you suffer from allergies, mouth breathing or a cold like I have! I purchased the Extra clear which is great for sensitive skin like myself, the adhesive isn't as strong.

4. Bring Positive Thoughts to Bed- We all have our bad days that's for sure! Some days I feel like an awful Mom because I didn't spend as much time with my daughter or I got irritated with my husband. Realize that it's behind you, apologize for your wrongdoings and think about how tomorrow is going to be a better day. After all, a good night's sleep always makes for a great tomorrow!
These tips have really helped calm me down when my head might be spinning with new blog post ideas, my meeting for the next morning, a play date I forgot to schedule for the weekend or what on earth I'm needing to pack for our trip to Europe at the end of the month! Rest easy friends, these strips are the answer to your problem ( especially if you and your spouse are needing to the extra zzz's! ). Looking to get that shut eye? Grab these $1 off coupons right now at your local Walmart before they're gone! Get the sleep you deserve friends!
*Versus decongestant sprays alone

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  1. I have been wanting to try this out because since moving to Houston my allergies have totally made me a mouth breather and my husband cannot stop complaining about it! Hoping this helps, totally snagging that coupon and trying it out! Thanks friend!

  2. So many great tips. I have such a hard time sleeping sometimes. Often it's my husband's breathing. But so often it's my head, too! #client

  3. Good sleep is not a joke!!! I'm so guilty of using my phone in bed!

  4. Great tips... I've used these before for allergies and they work great!

  5. Not being on my phone at least 20 minutes before bed helps so much!!

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