Nov 14, 2016

Baby Shower Weekends + Date Nights

With the upcoming holiday here in a few weeks, my little family and I are taking full advantage of resting up for traveling, spending time with cousins and relatives plus lots of laughter and eating. Not a bad way to spend the holidays of course but this pregnant Mom is easing into all of it slowly but surely.
Saturday I attended a baby shower at The Swan Coach House for a good friend of mine and I couldn't get enough of all the adorable decorations, food and gifts that were given! Melissa is having a sweet baby girl ( YAY! ) and I can't wait to spoil this lady when she arrives in the next few weeks!! Of course, I'm already super emotional so I got teary eyed thinking of all the fun things she'll get to do with her little princess, like I used to do with Lily when she was a newborn. Oh I know, I'll get to do it all over again in about 5 months ;) Remind of that joy when I'm on 45 minutes of sleep and haven't washed my hair in a solid week will you? Thanks!
Afterwards, I helped clean the house and then Zach and I realized we hadn't been on a date just the two of us in over 4 months! Clearly we were long overdue and decided to make it a fun night out.  We grabbed down at The Melting Pot ( give me all the delicious food and dessert ! ) We actually were so full after a four course meal of melted Wisconsin Cheeses, a salad, our various meat entries and then chocolate fondue that we almost felt as we if we needed to be rolled out of the restaurant! We wanted to go bowling after but because I was so stuffed, we had another idea. We ventured to one of our favorite stores, Hobby Lobby, and ended up grabbing lots of Christmas decorations for our home. We clearly live on the edge on Saturday nights don't you think! But hey, I'll be sharing some fun house decor soon so you know it's well worth it!
Sunday was relaxing as it's our usual time to get the house in order, put up a few holiday decorations and grocery shop for the week. I'm really trying to get back into meal prepping or finding some easy crock pot dishes for the family. I have such a long commute on my way home that it's so much easier if meals are ready to go when I walk in the door- a girl can keep dreaming right! Any fun ideas, feel free to comment below! Oh, and of course I had to take advantage of Starbucks buy one get one free holiday drink so I surprised someone special with their favorite as a pick me up! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

What are your favorite easy recipes to create?
Share your favorite date night story! 

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  1. I love The Melting Pot! Give me all the melted cheese and I am a happy girl! We are really liking day dates because we are feeling so old and can't stay up late! XO, shahla

  2. I've never been to the Melting Pot & I so badly want to go! Someday, someday...

  3. What a cute baby shower! I've never been to the melting pot but have heard great things... I need to go check it out!

  4. such a cute shower!! - Lindsey Lyons

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