Nov 3, 2016

Currently November

I can't believe it's already November to be honest. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were super excited for cooler weather here in Georgia because it was October. Sadly, it's been in the 80's and finally lower 70's this past week. Guess that's what I get for being in the southern' states right? Hey, I swear I'm not complaining because I hate being cold ( despite growing up in the Midwest ) but I do enjoy some cooler nights for fall.

We took Lily Trick-Or-Treating for her first time on Monday. She sort of understood what she needed to do when we got to our neighbor's homes but would get really shy when we told her she needed to say Trick-Or Treat to her a piece of candy. I've never seen a toddler's eyes light up so fast when she was able to pick out her favorite pieces ( lollipops at the moment ).

I'm currently in the mood to make homemade everything. What is going on this with pregnant Mom? I'm wanting big bowls of savory butternut squash ravioli, stuffed baked sweet potatoes and ooey gooey pies. Have I mentioned I love Fall and all the fall flavors it brings?! With Thanksgiving a few weeks away ( and seriously one of my favorite Holiday's to celebrate! ) I'm also sharing some blessing's in my life this month. I'll be sharing a few as the weeks go by.

Birthday Month! November is a big birthday month for so many loved ones in my life. My sister's birthday is Sunday, my father-in-law's the 24th and Zach's the 27th! Does anyone else love celebrating some amazing people in their life?! Birthdays are always super fun and I can't wait to spoil my family members. Any suggestions on what to get?!

Speaking of celebrating, this little bun in my belly is sure growing like crazy! I swear I've had a permanent bump since week 8 but I guess that's normal for your second pregnancy? I'm 14 weeks today and already feeling like 5 months, not 3. Whose coming over to watch Hallmark movies and eat Chic-Fil-A sandwiches with me!? Yup, those are the current cravings thus far. It's awesome.
Can we just all freak out about The CUBBIES winning The World Series last night. Zach and I tried really hard to finish the game with the Cubs and Indian's tying it up in the 9th inning but it was already midnight our time and I just couldn't stay up until 3:30am to finish. Regardless, what an amazing game and accomplishment for my hometown! I'm really just on cloud 9 for them and everyone back home.

Let's catch up! Share something going on in your life! 

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  1. Yay for November and yay for the Cubbies!

  2. I totally fell asleep when they had the rain delay, my husband stayed awake with clear instructions to wake me up and tell me the outcome. I am so happy for my cubbies too :)! Yes to all the Hallmark movies and Chick-Fil-A!

  3. i am a die hard indians fan so i am really sad about the loss, but wow... what a game!!

  4. It's been real warm up here in the Midwest as well - I'm wearing a short-sleeved shirt in November. It's insane! I wanna start wearing sweaters & such. :\

  5. I LOVE November! We are finally getting the cooler temps here, and I love it!!!


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