Nov 22, 2016

How To Create a Christmas Cheese and Grape Tray

This post is sponsored by Stella Cheeses but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Hosting parties is something that I just can't get enough of. Since purchasing our first home over a year ago, Zach and I make every excuse under the sun to get people to come over to our home to enjoy delicious food, a few adult beverages and great conversation. 

One of my favorite and quick easy apps that are always a huge hit at every party, is creating a fun and festive design platter using grapes and cheese. It's easy to create, delicious to indulge and looks great for holiday parties and get together with loved ones! Here's what you'll need!

1 block of cheese, cubed ( I love Stella® Fontinella Cheesese and Cheddar)
1 box of club crackers
1 bag of green grapes 
large cutting board 


1. To get started with this Christmas tree appetizer, cut the Fontinella cheese into desired shapes. I used squares shapes for the cheese. Wash the grapes and parsley and allow them to dry thoroughly. Set everything aside.

2) Grab a large plate, cutting board, flat dish, or whatever you are using to serve the appetizer. Starting at the bottom of the plate, I placed a club cracker as the stump, then add some grapes, then cheese, then crackers, all the way up. Be sure to make the rows at the bottom of the tree the longest and shorten them as you go up to get that nice triangular Christmas tree look.

3) Make sure everything lines up nicely, you should now have a complete Christmas tree appetizer!

How amazing and easy does this cheese and grape tray look?! As I've mentioned before, cheese is a huge love language of mine and Stella cheese knows how to do it right! Stella cheeses combine old world craftsmanship with rich dairy heritage dating all the way back to 1923! You can never go wrong with these cheeses from crumbled to shredded and sweet to sharp, each flavor is always a hit for you and your guests. 

Want to learn how you can WIN your own TRIP to Napa Valley thanks to Stella Cheeses? Go and enter here! Who wouldn't to win something fabulous like this? So the next time your friends are coming over and you need something fun and festive to put together, you can create this gorgeous cheese and grape tray! 

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  1. What a great snack! I love all things cheese!

  2. The tree is so cute! Great snack idea!

  3. I love the idea of combining grapes and cheese in one appetizer!

  4. Cheese trays are such a great idea at a party, and I love how cute you made this one look, great idea!

  5. How cute! I always love a good cheese tray!!

  6. Need to keep them in mind for some holiday parties. Excited to give it a try!

  7. That is so cute Cait! Cheese and crackers is simple and delicious appetizer.

  8. mmmm this makes me hungry. Cheese and grapes were my favorite snack growing up!

  9. Great idea! Always love Christmas related things like this for parties!

  10. This is so perfect for holiday parties! Thank you for sharing!

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