Nov 21, 2016

Weekend Catch Up!

Hello friends and happy Monday! So sorry for not posting on Friday. I was at home with a sick toddler all day on top of cleaning the house, endless of loads of laundry and sheets plus trying to get a doctors appointment in for Lily, only to be told it was just a cold. She needed some major R&R for sure.
Saturday was busy as usual with a friend staying over at our house for the weekend. He's in a program where he's traveling to Hong Kong through work so we were excited to see and spend some time with him before he leaves for his big trip! Lily and I went to Target and per usual spent a little too much money ( seriously I don't know how that happens each time! ) but she's going to be looking pretty cute in some winter attire thanks to our favorite store. I dropped her off at a friend's house and then headed out with friends of ours for a Charity event later that day. A few hours into the night however, I really started to feel achy and an awful sore throat came on. I ended up leaving early to grab Lily and head home, only to be all night with my head around the toilet and chills every few hours. Clearly I had caught an awful bug and it was the worst.
Sunday was slow. I took a warm bath in the morning to help ease my sick bug and braved the cold that we suddenly have now in Atlanta to meet up with a girlfriend for brunch and to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Normally if I were this sick I would cancel but I hadn't seen her in so long and really wanted to see this movie. It was, per usual, an awesome experience. I came home and attempted to help Zach put our 10 foot Christmas  tree up ( check Snapchat for the hilarious conversation we had ). It looks gorgeous!

I'm attempting to head into work this morning although I'm just praying to try to not get anyone else sick. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Oh no girl, I hope you feel better! Definitely try to rest up if possible! I want to see that movie, it looks so good!!!


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