Nov 28, 2016

Weekend Hangovers

For me there is always such a high when traveling to the east coast to visit my family. Because I only get to see these family members about once a year, I'm always so excited to catch up with everyone even if we only have about 72 hours.
This year was one of our low key years with three crazy toddlers running around, a sweet little one year old and 14 adults. We enjoyed my cousin's house in Marblehead, Massachusetts, located right on the coast. It's one of the prettiest towns, almost out of a movie set with adorable shops, friendly neighbors and that great thick Boston accent!

Thanksgiving was a blast as we ventured out to a restaurant this year instead of having someone host. Lily loved dressing up and eating as much as she wanted. Of course, her favorite was the pumpkin pie and who could blame her! The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, enjoying the cousins playing together, a few games of touch football and of course lots of laughing, story telling and more eating!
We were able to catch a Bruins game which was awesome! My sister and her boyfriend had a blast enjoying the game together. We always have a great time together and it makes me happy to see her always smiling and giggling with her other half!

Of course, no Thanksgiving is complete without celebrating that someone special in my life. My poor husband seems to usually get jipped when it comes to his birthday since it lands fairly close to Thanksgiving. We were able to celebrate together with a delicious cake from Austria, to which of course, Lily thought we were all singing to her too. Which reminds me, this little lady is turning 3 in a 2 months! I better get cracking on her party planning!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Anyone else having a hangover ( and not the adult kind ) just from all the festivities, traveling or food? Yup, right there with ya!
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  1. That is a beautiful town, wow! Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving, I love it. :)


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