Nov 10, 2016

When Hard Times Come

Despite my majority of happy posts, there are times that creep up that aren't so happy. I've had a few tough things come up the last few weeks that have put me in a sad state. A close friend's sibling passing away unexpectedly, another friend's loss of their newborn and a few other moments that leave me just in a state of shock and heartache.

These things of course are inevitable. They are accidents or tragedies that happen for no reason what so ever and we're left hurt, confused and utterly ripped apart by the news. Recently I was chatting with a friend about how to overcome difficult times when they happen and she gave me some of the best advice.

The reality is, these things will happen and we can't explain why. When that happens, don't isolate yourself. As much as the pain hurts and you may not want to talk about, doing just that helps to slowly ease that pain. Anyway to express your grief through writing, talking, painting or music to help is essential. For me, I used to love to write as a kid and even in high-school I took part in a poetry class which was my favorite part of my senior year.

Even now, having this blog for the last almost 7 years ( WHAT ! ) is always a reminder of where I've been, how I've changed and how much stronger each day I become. The one thing I take away from the grief or pain is spreading kindness to anyone I meet. Even if it's a smile, a wave or just a small note of "Have a great day" is important to me. I try to reach out to friend's I haven't spoken to in years or share a fun memory that came up on my Facebook. Times are tough and without good friends, family members and co-workers it could be a lot tougher to lean on those people you need the most.

I hate to leave you on such a sour note friends, but just hoping that if you're going through a hard time too, share a comment or e-mail if you need to just talk. I may be a total stranger, someone you used to talk with, or you've been following my blog for years and just say want to say hey, but I'm here to listen and help out in anyway.

How do you handle the hard times?

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  1. So sorry you've had a rough couple of weeks. You are right though, tragedy and tough times come and go. Writing helps me through tough times and hugging onto my baby. Hang in there!

  2. Sorry you've been having a tough time! You're right, though. Community is so important. Just chatting with a friend or family member can lift your mood.

  3. I'm so sorry you're experiencing this. Life hands is some heartbreaking times for sure. Hoping things turn around for you and your close ones.


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