Dec 20, 2016

12 Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

This year I've felt completely blessed with so many things. An amazing family, a job that helps provide for myself and loved ones, a roof over our head and a growing bump with one active little baby. But while I know I have so many things to be thankful for, I know so many do not.

When Zach and I first moved to Atlanta almost two years ago, we didn't have any family members to help us out when we needed it. We met and have been given such tremendous, incredible and giving friends and we really do consider them family. This is actually a first Christmas where Zach and I really wanted to make it special for our toddler and one another because we've been tight so many years prior to either save for a house, a new baby and more.

This year, while we've been in such a giving spirit, I wanted to share 12 ways you can give back this holiday season. Not everything has to be about money too so even just your time spent with others could be a blessing in disguise.

Here's what we'll be doing and have already done this holiday season!

1. Donate to a local charity/ shelter
2. Create a handmade item for a friend
3. Ask neighbors if they need help shoveling, a meal or wrapping gifts
4. Shop local to help out family businesses
5. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen
6. Sponsor a child or family in need
7. Bake cookies or socks for friends, neighbors or the hospital
8. Make or purchase a meal for someone in need/homeless
9. Gather your friends and make care packages to send overseas or those who serve your community like police officers, firefighters and local vets
10. Pay for the person behind you ( Grocery Store, Coffee Shop ) I usually do a #PayItForwardFriday on my Snapchat every Friday in my local Starbucks line.
11. Call a friend you haven't chatted in a while to catch up
12. Smile at everyone you meet

How will you give back this holiday season? 

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  1. I need to do a Pay it Forward with my kids! My son is 8 so it's a perfect time to teach him what the season is really about!

  2. Love these ideas- I did a similar post earlier this month. It's so important to remember the reason for the season and to try and give back a little <3

  3. This is such a great post!! I'm currently packing up two big bags to donate.


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