Dec 27, 2016

Christmas Recap

This past weekend was such a fun one for our little family.  I was able to enjoy my Friday off and take some quality time to get my nails done and have some time to myself. Much needed I tell you. Later on Zach and I enjoyed some time together cleaning and getting things ready for company as well as baking delicious cookies for our Christmas Eve party that we were attending on Saturday afternoon.
We enjoyed our Saturday morning and afternoon finishing a few things, wrapping Christmas gifts and spending time with friends at their home! They have a sweet bestie of Lily's and the girls were so cute all night playing together, coloring and sharing what they asked Santa. We left around Lily's bedtime to get her to bed and Zach went to the airport to pick up my parents and Grandma.
Sunday morning came quick as got up for an early mass. Lily squealed when she saw all the presents under the tree! It was probably one of our best moments since she understood this year what it was all about, who Santa was and if she was super good she received some great gifts. Her screaming and huge grin of smile was worth it all. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies, putting together Lily's larger item toys she got and spending quality time together. Plus it was super warm here in Atlanta so having the windows open with a cool breeze coming through may not be your idea of a great Christmas but we were loving it!

Zach and I also enjoyed some amazing gifts that we both were expecting like one incredible iRobot and my in laws got me a white swing for our front porch, something I've wanted for years! Zach even set it up and I have to say it looks amazing! Now if only I can find some cute pillows to go with it. Hmm.

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday with loved ones too! Sadly this morning I woke up with a pretty nasty stomach bug yet I'm praying I can make it through the work day without running to the bathroom. Prayers would be appreciated friends. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. It looks like you had a beautiful Christmas. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well now! We had to cancel our plans to see family due to illness, but that ended up giving us a nice, quiet holiday with just us.

  2. Looks like a wonderful Christmas! I have a robot vacuum too! They're amazing!

  3. Looks like you guys got some great presents and had a great holiday with family! It's so fun to see the excitement that your little ones have for Christmas!

  4. What a fun Christmas! It made me remember both of my babies first Christmases, when the wrapping paper and boxes seemed to be more fun than the toys themselves! Ha! It's awesome when they finally get the whole Santa thing! And what a sweet gift --the white porch swing! You should definitely get some cute pillows for it soon ha ha!

  5. Sounds like a great Christmas weekend. The porch swing looks great! :)

  6. Sounds like you had the best holiday! I've had a robot vacuum on my list for awhile they look so cool

  7. So precious and I envy your roomba!



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