Dec 22, 2016

My Personal Favorite Ornaments

To keep everyone in the Christmas spirit, I wanted to share one of our Christmas trees with you and a few of my special ornaments that mean the most to me. Over the years, I've started collecting ornaments myself and then when Zach and I began dating and traveling the world together we also wanted to collect ornaments to put in a tree to remind us of all the fun places we've been.

This year, we actually have TWO trees so one became our more sentimental tree in our dining room while the other tree is a bit more grand in our family room ( it's about 10 1/2 feet tall so it makes a statement for sure! ). So let's get started and I'll share some of my favorites with you all!
1. Jamaica - This ornament is such a great one and obviously you know where we went! Not only were we in Jamaica to celebrate Zach's sister getting married, but that's also where he proposed to me a few hours after we landed! It was truly one of the best and memorable moments of my life.

2. Rocking Horse- This was one that I used to love as a kid seeing on our Christmas tree. I'm not really sure why but it just reminds me of comfort and joy ( no pun intended ha! ) When my Mom was visiting over my birthday she brought me a few ornaments and I knew I waned this on our personal tree.

3. Mouse - We actually just received this ornament from our neighbors and it is one of the coolest little things! The candle that the mouse is holding has a small hole in it and you can blow into the candle which allows you to turn your Christmas tree lights on and off. Lily takes great pride in turning the lights off on and off when she gets home from school and before she goes to bed. It's become a family favorite in just a few short weeks!
4. New Home - This was such a special ornament for Zach and I when we finally were able to purchase our very first home last year. Little did we know that 3 months later we'd be putting it up for sale because of Zach's job and us deciding to move down to Atlanta from Chicago!

5. Baby's First Christmas- Aww. this was always special because we found out we were due with Lily back in 2013 and I remember just thinking it was surreal that we would be bringing a sweet one into the world in just a few months!

6. Munchen - This was the first trip that Zach had taken overseas this past September so of course we had to document that we were in Munich for Oktoberfest with this adorable ornament! I love it showcasing the gorgeous square and the Glockenspiel clock that we stumbled upon one day walking around. It's such a great keepsake and one we love looking at.

What are some of your favorite ornaments on the tree?
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