Dec 14, 2016

Your New Favorite Four Legged Show!

Growing up I always wanted a pet. I once even had a pet beetle that I kept in a jar and would chat with it from time to time. When my husband and I first started dating in college, he would talk all the time about how great it was to have a pet and for him, his number one fan was his furry friend, Moonbeam.
Moonbeam was a gorgeous yellow lab. In fact, his family members would joke that she was almost part human for the way she could smell if something terrible was happening, her love and devotion to each family member, the way she always found a way to make even your worst day better with a huge kiss of her tongue or snuggling up close to you by the fire. One of her favorite things to do was go to the Mississppi River with the family. She'd dive for fish, swim to her hearts content and then people watch the rest of the afternoon.

Although I personally was able to be apart of her life for a few short years before she passed, I saw the joy and love she gave to so many people around her. Pet's really are like family and my in-laws vowed that they could never own another dog afterwards because of how special she was to them.
Now having children of my own, I see my daughter's own face light up when she sees any dog come trotting towards her and we've even begun chatting about what type of dog would be best suited for our family. When I heard about the new show Finding Fido, I couldn't wait to watch the first episode of this new series. Finding Fido  is all about matchmaking—only instead of human couples, host Seth Casteel is pairing people with pooches. You can tune in each week, starting Tuesday, January 17th at 8pm, to watch one lucky dog find their forever home, and one lucky person find their new best friend! This really grabbed not only mine and Zach's attention, but Lily even wanted to watch the show, giggling and laughing with the host and dogs that came on! 

If you're looking for a great family show, adore pets and just want something to give you all the feels ( pass the tissues please ) then this show is for you! Curious about which type of dog you're going to want for your family? This show has super helpful hints for what you want and don't want in a dog. Looking for ways to help out your friend who needs an extra four legged, dog wagging, best friend? Grab the popcorn and have them watch an episode with you! No matter the occasion, this show is sure to be one that'll be on in your family room and one you'll want to continue watching week after week!

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