Jan 13, 2017

5 on Friday

Prior to the usual weeks, I feel like this one went by pretty quick! Since our crazy snow storm last weekend would you believe our bipolar weather here in Atlanta is actually going to be getting up in the mid 60's/70's this weekend? I go from a huge jacket and ugg boots to short sleeves and capris in a few days. Who doesn't love living that lifestyle in the south right?!

Per usual on my lovely little Friday I adore sharing with you some of my favorite things I've come across during the week. Some are fun things, silly thing or something I stumble on. I hope you share in the comments below what you're enjoying this week or maybe your weekend plans? I'll send some sunshine your way for those who are fighting some other crazy weather mother nature is hurling
at you!

1. Bear-ista - The other day at work I was having one of those awful mornings where everything was going wrong ( I wrote how to get over a terrible day here ) when suddenly a co-worker of mine came in with a Starbucks bag and said how he bought something for my little boy! I was so touched at his gesture I almost started to cry at how thoughtful that was! Kindness is key my friend.

2. Swedish Fish - Back to the gummies again right? Hey, when they say you're pregnant with various genders you get those cravings so clearly having a boy right now- gummies are on my mind all the time. YUM!

3. Target Runs - I ran into Target the other day of course for one thing and came out with..well a few other things! I found these adorable cards and mug plus a few things for my toddler's new room. Have I mentioned how excited I am to share that reveal soon?! Stay tuned!

4. Cool and Spicy G&T - Now before everyone freaks out I only had one small sip of this Cool and Spicy G&T at a friend's house the other day. It was incredible and one I may be making a few more times after this little one is born this spring! If you're wanting something with a bit of a kick, this cocktail is for you!
5. 4 Year Old Reads A 1,000 Books- I saw this article yesterday and just adored learning about how a 4 year old girl from Georgia has read more than 1,000 books already! The power of reading is amazing my friends and I hope Lily and this little nugget enjoy reading as much as I do!

What are some things you are loving this week?
Share your plans for the weekend!
Any fun book recommendations?
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  1. I love Swedish Fish all the time! Those cards are cute - have you seen the cards in the Dollar Spot for Valentine's Day? SO Fun!

  2. O my gosh, haha! I saw those bears at 'bucks yesterday and was like "I need him! So cute!"


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