Jan 30, 2017

A Letter To My 3 Year Old Mini


    Never in my wildest dreams could I have come up with how fun it is to have a mini me in the house. I think every little girl as they get older dreams of having a smart, silly, sassy little mini of their own and you surpass it all. You can be all girly at times, dressing up in princess gowns, a gorgeous crown and high heels but you also can be a huge tomboy, running as fast as you can as full speed to chase someone, jumping off ( and giving Mommy a heart attack in the process ) from extremely high places and getting thrown into the air and flipping when your Dad throws and catches you.
You love any sort of ball. A Baseball. A Soccer ball. A Tennis ball. Anything you can throw far, kick fast or run and grab. I think you're born to do something athletic. You would be outside for hours if we let you although any dirt that gets onto your little hands, you run over and ask to get them wiped, even though your clothes and hair are covered as well.
You're one of the most giving little girls I've ever met. You will always share your toys, food and clothes with anyone you meet. You instantly want to play with a total stranger, coloring or stacking legos together just as long as you have someone to chat with. You also are so good at just needing to be by yourself, reading a book out loud to your stuffed animals or dolls and feel so proud when we tell you that you read it all by yourself! I see an avid librarian in the future!
You also can be extremely stubborn. You can throw a tantrum like no one I've ever witnessed but as soon as you heat up and realize what you've done, a few seconds later you feel such remorse that you run to give Mommy and Daddy a hug and say you're sorry. Plus, you drop that bottom lip each time to know that you have both of us wrapped around you.
Time is quickly changing as you become a big sister this year and I know you'll get angry, confused and wonder why we can't give you our full attention as much as we used too. I know that this year will be play a big impact on you not being the baby anymore and I hope you and your little brother will soon become fast friends as you get to help me and him. You'll fall into your leadership role pretty quick I'm thinking.

I can't wait to see what the big 3 year has in store for you big girl! You are the love of Mommy and Daddy's life and you make us so proud to watch you grow every day. We can't wait to celebrate and share this day with you. We love you.


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