Jan 26, 2017

Bump Update at 26 Weeks

Wow considering it's been a hot minute since I last gave a quick little bump update on how our little boy is doing, I thought I'd share some questions you've all been asking me! Oh and of course a few bump pictures to enjoy! ( By the way I'm 26 weeks today which is big since I decided to make my own appearance at 26 weeks. Hoping to keep this baby cooking! )

When are you due?
I'm due in May! Although when we first became pregnant back in August I thought May would take forever to get here but it's almost 3 months away and I'm already thinking of the millions of things I still need to get done! Typical Mom right? 

How are you feeling?
The first trimester was tough you guys! I'm not sure if it's because I'm on my second child or because the gender is different than my first ( I shared we were having a boy here ) but wooo I was sicker then heck for about 14 weeks straight with this kid. It was one of the worst trimester and feelings ever, especially at work. I also became extremely sick with a bad cold for almost a month and a half. Neti pots are my ride or die! By 20 weeks I was finally on the mend, have a ton of energy again and finally feeling like my normal self again thank goodness! 

How is baby doing? 
Baby boy is doing awesome! I had an appointment last week who said I'm actually measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule! Although that gave me hope I may get to see my baby boy a bit sooner, my due date isn't going to change. We'll just keep monitoring how he's growing and how I'm holding onto my balance ;) He's moving and kicking like crazy which include at his favorite times ( 6am-9am and 8p-10p and sometimes right after I eat a big lunch ! ) 

Any crazy cravings?
Pickles are something I never used to enjoy but now I am.
No crazy combos to date but I still have some time!

Any other questions/comments let me know! 
Happy Thursday Friends!
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