Jan 6, 2017

Friday Favorites

Oh happy glorious Friday you are here! Although it won't be the same now that I do have to go back to work on Mondays ( that holiday break was awesome am I right ?! ) but I'm still excited to get things accomplished and hopefully prepare for a possible chance of SNOW here in Atlanta on Saturday! I kept asking Lily about it in hopes that she would remember her first snow fall when we used to live in Chicago a few years ago but I know she was too little. Fingers crossed we have a little white flakes coming our way!

I also love sharing with you some of my favorites of the week! As always feel free to share what you're enjoying in the comment below!

1. Baby Kicks- I joke with all my friends and family that this active little boy is training to be a ninja warrior in my stomach. The last week has been full on kicks, punches and lots of stretching and moving around either right after eating lunch or when I finally lay down after a long day of work! I swear he was doing flips the other night! 17 weeks to go!

2. Cherries - Funny thing with being pregnant are the cravings. Normally I'm really not a big cherry lover but the other day I had a smoothie and added a few handfuls of ripe red cherries and am hooked! I really shocked myself since it's never anything I'm wanting if I'm not pregnant!
3. Freaking Cold Sweatshirt - Usually I'm always super hot with this little man in my stomach but lately I've been freezing! Legit- freezing ! A friend of mine shared this sweatshirt with me and I knew I needed to get it asap! I mean..we all have that friend right? Grab yours here and save 10% using code CAITLINDEC . You're welcome.

4. New Year. New Meaning. Someone mentioned to me that their families are going to write down one word each week or something fun that happened and place it in a jar. At the end of the year, they're going to open the jar and read all the memorable moments that happens. I thought that was SUCH a great idea that I may start to do it too!

5. Snow Day- Okay so it's not really a snow day here in Atlanta but we're going to be hit with some great winter blizzard around the noon/mid afternoon time today so I'm anxious to get out early, get home safe with my toddler and husband and buckle down for the weekend! I'm thinking a few fun projects are in order which I know Zach will be so excited to do!

6. Cat Condo -If you're friends with me on Snapchat ( @CaitW22) you saw that we bought our 2 cats a late Christmas gift but one they desperately need; a cat condo! It's about 6 feet tall and if I do say so myself, pretty awesome. Lily thinks it's a jungle gym for her.. umm sorry kid.

Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend!
What are your plans?
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  1. You got some lucky kitties!!! Love the condo!

    - Natalie

  2. Ahhh baby kicks - I'm done with pregnancies and babies but girl those are the best...until they hit a lung or rib or whatever. I'm in NC and just biding my time until spring. I'm over winter weather though what is coming is our first of the season. ENJOY your weekend! xo

  3. Cherries in smoothies are so good!


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