Jan 24, 2017

Happy Birthday To My Mom!

Since moving to Atlanta, it's been sad not being around to celebrate my immediate families birthdays. One of the sad things about leaving family in other states is not having that luxury, especially my Mom who I happen to consider one of my closest and dearest friends.

My mom is that go to woman who I can call when I'm having a bad day, or a great one. She's supportive, always up for adventure and a good road trip, loves helping others and makes time for whats important in life. My mom lost her own mother at 25 and I think that helped her install a closer bond with my sister and myself. She always takes cares of those around her, asks what she can do to help and is one of the most positive and giving individuals I know.
To Lily, she is Nana, the woman with energy, laughs and big hugs. As a Mom myself, it's such a great experience to see your own Mother and daughter have such a special bond that will only continue to grow as the years continue. I can't wait for lots of shopping trips, traveling adventures and more together! Happy Birthday to my amazing Mom!
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  1. Cait, I know your mom and all you say about her is true!! She truly is a wonderful person!


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