Jan 18, 2017

How To Stay Motivated With Pregnancy Work Outs

This pregnancy is way different then when I was first pregnant with my daughter almost three years ago. For one thing ( and scary to admit ) I wasn't in the best shape. Sure I was coming off of almost a year of marriage but as far as getting motivated to keep that bride figure..that was out the window. And then suddenly I was just exhausted all the time, eating more junk food and falling off the bandwagon completely. I tried to walk around at my office at the time but it was hard to get away from my desk. So the weight piled on with a little more force then I care to admit with that pregnancy ( but also with 20 extra pounds of fluid thanks to developing preeclampsia my third trimester )

With our second right now, I've vowed to try and keep the preeclampsia at bay as best I can. Eating right, eating more frequently, getting up and walking more often as well as getting my butt to the gym about 3 times a week. So how do you stay motivated through the growing pains, aching joints and weight gain? Here's some tips!

1. Energy Boost -  Looking at your pregnancy workout as something that gives -- rather than takes -- energy can help to inspire you. For me, I work out during my lunch break because the gym is near my office building so it's a great mood and energy booster that I need to keep my day going! 

2. Embrace The Success - While  I may think of every excuse in the book to not work out, once I get there, tie my shoes and hit the elliptical I already feel better. That success alone is an achievement for starters and then building on your small work outs to feel stronger. I know that I'll always feel better after I've finished.

3. Small But Mighty - While some people go 5-7 times a week to the gym, I've limited my time to 3 times a week to give my body some rest in between. Although it may not seem a lot to some, I feel great of going when I do and know I'll increase my time there after our little one is born.

4. It's Worth It- I'll give myself a pep talk if I'm thinking about doing something else before my work out. For me, I always say to myself " You'll never regret a work out " and it's so true! Never once have I left the gym feeling awful. Every time is a new start.

5. Work Out With Those You Love- Despite being pregnant during the winter months, I know several parents who work out with their kids taking long walks outside, pushing them in their stroller while they run or bringing them to their gym while they take a spin class. There are times I'll try an in home work out and see that Lily is trying to copy exactly what I'm doing. I always tell her working out is helping making the baby grow and by her exercising as well she's helping too! She loves the idea of helping her brother become strong and healthy!

How do you stay motivated?

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  1. Yes, the struggle is real here. I seem to get a good routine going and then someone's sick in our house or a kids changes routine and I'm back to skipping workouts. Thanks for the tips!



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