Jan 9, 2017

One Super Productive Weekend

Back to Monday grind friends! Due to a bad ice storm that we had on Friday and Saturday, everyone in the Atlanta area was advised to stay indoors and my little family was ok with that. It was a little too chilly for us, despite growing up in the midwest the majority of our lives ha! So what does one do when were stuck inside?
Well I was suddenly hit with a huge urge to clean and reorganize the entire house. Does nesting really occur early for this 23 week pregnant lady? You bet! Lucky for me, my husband was right beside me helping to see visions and ideas I've been excited to finally put to use for both Lily's new big girl room and our little man's room!  I'll be sharing their reveals once we finished with everything soon!

The rest of Saturday was spent meal prepping and relaxing! Oh, and I finally was able to get Zach to watch LOST with me! Did anyone else used to watch that show when it first aired while ago? We're already on Season 2!!
Sunday we had a few errands to run before we met up with some friends to take our girls to see SING. Lily actually watched the entire movie ( with of course a restroom break in the middle because it's what toddlers do ). She had a great time with her best friend! We ended our weekend with some playing outside, finishing up last minute projects and getting ready for this week.

Were you all super productive as well or super lazy ( some of my favorite weekends! ) ? Wishing you all a happy Monday!
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