Feb 6, 2017

8 Simple Ways To Stay Productive!

I've always been one to try and stay on top of tasks. If I get something that needs to be done, you can bet that I'll have it ready and finished within the hour. That being said, my husband is usually one to wait until the last minute to finish a few tasks, but he does accomplish them ;)

A few of my friends asked how I juggle everything from being a Mom, to a career woman, to running my blog, dinners, outings with friends, trips around the world and more. Oh, did I mention I'm 6 month's pregnant as well!? Not that I'm saying I can do it all, although at times I wish I could, but I live by these 8 simple ways to stay productive day after day and it really has helped keep my little family and me on top of what needs to get done. I thought I'd share them today!

1. Develop Routines. Having a good habit is huge when it comes to being productive and my two key times that I think of is the end and beginning of each day. For me, I try to start being productive at night such as putting dishes away, straightening up our main living areas and setting clothes out for work/ Lily's daycare the next day. I'll also try to meal plan breakfast so it's something I don't need to think of while I'm running out the door. It starts my morning off on an easy start.

2. Create A List. As simple as this may sound, I feel as if I have everything written down I tend not to forget anything ( and this pregnancy brain doesn't help either !) Sometimes I'll make a list just on my phone if I'm heading to the grocery store or having a small list with me on hand to write down. Lists can include things you want to accomplish that day and can really help you tremendously because when you finish that task, you know exactly what you can work on next!

3. Go To Bed Early And Wake Up Early. My husband and I are opposites in that he would love to stay up late and then sleep in but I've always been one to get at least 8 hours of sleep and hit the ground running around 7am. I have so much energy in the morning after getting a great night sleep that I immediately want to get things done and accomplished right away! It may take some time to not go to bed at 12p-1a every night but you'll wake up feeling more refreshed, I promise!

4. Combine Your Tasks - Let's say I have 3 big blog posts/campaigns I need to work on. I'll grab everything I need for all 3 campaigns while I'm out running errands, photograph items and then write them all out. If I don't combine them all together, I'll get distracted and then be running around on a short deadline later on. This way I'm saving time and energy by getting it done at once.

5. Do Your Worst Task First - I remember in high school hating to do my math homework first because it was my worst class. But once it was done, I could focus on my favorite class ( English duh !) and always ended my homework time on a better note. Same with other tasks that we have to accomplish. You'll spend half the day worrying about when to get it done or avoiding then if you just get it done first and continue your day after in a happier mood.

6. Set Goals - Having a goal is essential in being productive. You can set small or big ones such as getting your car washed or painting your son's nursery ( still on my list to get done this weekend)! Goals keep us accountable and motivated. Personally, I like starting with one big goal and then breaking it down from month, to week to day to make them a bit more manageable.

7. Delegate - Anyone else feel like they can be Superwoman 24/7? I'm right there with you my friends! My worst trait is never really asking for help and thinking I can do it all. There are plenty of things my husband is capable of helping me do ( like dishes, laundry, grocery shopping ) yet I feel the need to keep in control and just do it myself. Lately I've been asking for help when I know I need it and it helps me breathe a bit easier afterwards. You'll never regret asking for help.

8. Turn Off Notifications - I can get easily distracted by my phone or e-mails coming through on my laptop while I'm working. To help, I put my phone on airplane mode so I can focus and get my tasks done. It is such a great tool to keep me in the zone and once completed, I can get back society!

How do you stay productive?
Share some tips and tricks!

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  1. such a great post! i will definitely try to implement these! come check out my blog www.poshandspicy.com i would love to hear your feedback xx toby

  2. This is an amazing post Cait! I'm going to try the tip of turning my phone on airplane mode!


  3. Turning off notifications, waking up earlier, setting goals, and creating lists are all the things I've been doing lately to try to get on top of everything! The other tips are amazing and I can't wait to try them out.

    Catherine | Beauty by Catherine


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