Feb 17, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! This week was def one for the books. Wednesday was one of those days I wanted to crawl back into bed after a 45 minute morning dealing with my daughter's daycare, filling out paperwork for medicine that she's taking for possible asthma, getting yelled at by a woman for 'over taking the front entrance' in the pouring rain, scraping my car against a pole while trying to get out the parking lot and then finding out I had failed my hour Glucose Test and having to retake a 3 hour one. You can say "WOOF" right?!

Thankfully that day and the Glucose test are behind me and hoping for good results this time around. I'm actually really looking forward to this weekend because Zach and I are off for a weekend getaway by ourselves ( something we actually haven't' done since our honeymoon 5 years ago! ) so it's much needed for us. A babymoon, with a twist. Follow me on Snapchat ( CaitW22 ) or Instagram (CaitsCozyCorner) to see where we're going!

Onto Friday Favorites! I'm sharing a few things I'm loving this week in hope that you also feel the same and comment what you're enjoying this week as well! Let's get started!

1. Valentine's Day - Zach came home with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers ( 10 for every year we've been together ) and delicious Thai food as a surprise on Tuesday. I say surprise because I said we shouldn't do anything this year but he was a sweetheart and made my night with this great idea! I gave the roses to Lily telling her Daddy got them and she was smitten the entire night! #DaddysGirl

2. Blogging Buddies - So many of you reached out to me when I was frazzled with my Glucose Test and praying for good results. Thank you so much! This community means the world to me and supporting one another is key. You really know how to make a good smile

3. Article - I came across this small article that really hit home right now for me. 29 weeks but measuring 32 and you can bet this Mom is just ready for this little boy to get here already. But this really made me tear up thinking all we go through for our babies.

4. BEACH  - Ever since my husband got back from Florida last weekend and was raving about the sunshine and beach I've been craving my own little paradise. I can't wait to get some feet in the sand and enjoy some Vitamin D ! Woohoo!

What are you loving this week? 

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