Feb 2, 2017

Lily's Young Wild And Three Party!

This past weekend we celebrated our little toddler turning the big 3 ! It's probably been her favorite thing to share with people, her classmates, friends and family holding out her 3 fingers and yelling " I'M THREE NOW!"

Last year I went all out for her Pajamas and Pancakes party but this year being that I'm about 6 months pregnant and running on low energy already, we kept it a bit less chaotic, despite what you may think of our theme! I originally had plans for a lot of color but decided last minute to keep it simple.
My favorite part of all the goodies, decorating and food was the fun atmosphere of everyone that was able to come to her party. Per usual, my amazing friend Kimberly did an incredible job creating and baking these delicious cupcakes for Lily's party. The food was kept simple and playful since we had the party mid morning in anticipation for afternoon naps to happen shortly after due to all the sugar and excitement.
This girl actually took a three hour nap after her party! Clearly she had a great time and enjoyed all the excitement and friends that came to celebrate her big day.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning up, playing with her new toys and putting to good use some of her cute clothes! Girl clothes are seriously the cutest!

Happy Thursday Friends!
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