Feb 20, 2017

Mommy And Me Ponchos!

Georgia is known for fickle weather. One minute it will be 70 degrease and the next it'll be 40. It's always difficult to find what to wear when you're so hot one minute and then freezing the next. Of course, being 6 months pregnant doesn't really help either at times.

These ponchos are a life savor for Lily and I when we need to run errands, get to a playdate or just need something cozy to keep us warm from the car to wherever we're going! I love that both ponchos have front pockets for both of us to keep our hands warm ( or extra storage for my car keys or cards ). Lily's adorable polka pot pocket ( say that 5 times fast ). I also love that for the winter they are exactly what we need for car safety.
I also love the easy snap buttons for Lily and I to wear and fasten when we're in a hurry or needing to get in and out of the car. Both capes are super comfortable, made with great thick material that I almost feel as if I'm wearing a blanket al the time. They really are perfect year round!

A huge shout out to Oliver and Abagail for these gorgeous handmade ponchos for Lily and I to wear! You can't go wrong with any of these ponchos for you, or your mini to wear!

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