Feb 24, 2017

The Safe and Effective Way To Clean Your Ears

This may sound ridiculous to most, but I've actually been to the doctor several times over the past 5 years because I've clogged my ear by pushing the Qtip too far. It's awful! The pain is terrible, you can barely hear and it costs you an extra trip to the doctor to help get all that gross wax out. Embarrassing to say the least.
When I heard about the Clear Ear OTO-Tip's, I knew this would be a product that only would benefit myself, but my three old toddler as she also gets intense wax build up. Did you know that even the companies that sell QTips have a warning on them NOT to use them for cleaning your ear! Now, this may sound weird but I wasn't really sure what to expect when I used this device. It actually feels as if my ear was getting a gentle massage since the small device going into my ear is made from a hypoallergenic silicon, making it very soft and soothing.

Because Clear Ear OTO-Tip has various sizes for adults and kids, I never feel nervous using this on my daughter after her bath when I notice a built of wax built up. She actually sits for me while I use the button to turn on the machine and watch it slowly rotate in her ear to grab all that wax. I also like that it has a safety tip so I know that I'm not pushing too far deep into her ear to cause any damage.

I wish I had this years ago to help me with my wax build up and know that it'll be a tool I use from here on out, and for my children as well.

Would you try Clear Ear OTO for you or your kids?
Ever have ear problems?

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