Feb 28, 2017

Top 6 Favorite Shows To Binge Watch

If there is one thing this Mom of almost two loves to do it's put her feet up, grab a cup of my favorite coffee and binge watch a TV show. There have been several over the years I not only love to watch just once but several times. Sounds crazy I know but I just get so lost in all the characters, plot and twists and turns! Need a few shows to binge watch yourself? Here are my top 6 favorites!

1. Parenthood - I started this series when I was pregnant with Lily and then going into my Maternity leave a few years ago. I couldn't stop watching it was so addicting! The relationships, the people, the family..it just gave me all the feels and one you'll love to watch with yours!

2. LOST - I watched this in college and finally got Zach to jump the bandwagon with me because I still kept talking about how great it was. He's finally hooked and he can't stop chatting about it either!

3. Dexter - I wasn't sure if I was going to love this show because blood and guts aren't really my thing. Well, game changer my friends because it's much more than that and I found it absolutely fascinating!

4. Breaking Bad - Like Dexter, I wasn't sure if I was going to be on the bandwagon with this show but again, everyone had been talking about it. It was so hypnotic, so engaging and such great twist that I would actually try to stay up until midnight to get 2-3 episodes in after work.

5. FRIENDS - We all know I'm a FRIENDS fanatic and I love that this show is always on TV. I still quote it to this day.

6. Gilmore Girls - I'll be honest and say I actually never watched all of the seasons until a few months ago! WHAT?! I remember my girlfriends loving it in high school and now I can see why! The mother daughter relationship, the romance, the witty one liners. I mean it's amazing.

What are you loving to binge watch?

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  1. I'm embarrassed to say I haven't watched ANY of these shows!! Gilmore Girls is on my list, though!!

  2. Friends & Gilmore Girls, for sure! I've been watching the Marvel Universe shows - Daredevil, Jessica Jones & Luke Cage. I am not quite done but they have been quite enjoyable! :)

  3. everyone has been telling me about Parenthood for years now. I may actually do it!

  4. Awww we don't have Friends on UK Netflix! It's one of my favourite binge watch shows.
    Kate || www.katerattley.com

  5. I love binge watching. I'm on Shameless right now. I've seen half of your list but I did go through Friends and Gilmore Girls twice :) Great list!

  6. I couldn't get into Breaking Bad. I tried and tried but nope. It was boring and slow for me. Lol We're currently watching Shameless and Supernatural.

  7. Dexter is absolutely amazing! Wish it never ended! Gotta watch a few of these others though!

  8. So many good picks!! Breaking Bad is one of my all time favorite shows! Loved Dexter, too!


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