Feb 13, 2017


As you read last Friday, this weekend was another girl's one in our house because Zach was out of town for our friend's wedding in Florida. Hmmm so what's a 3 year old and her Mom going to do all weekend? Lots of girly things for sure!
Saturday morning we both got up early and I let Lily enjoy some of her Garden Lite Chocolate Banana muffins and fruit while I snacked on some yogurt and berries myself. After our breakfast we ran out to do a few errands, of course stopping at our favorite store to work on Valentine's Day crafts for our main guy ( and a few things for us girls too ).

Once our errands were finished, I made us both lunch, put Lily down for a nap/quiet time and got to work on organizing our little man's nursery. I have to say I'm happy I've been working on it for a few weeks leading up to my third trimester because it's a lot harder to with this big 'ol belly in my way! I finished a few loads of laundry and watched a few episodes of This Is Us while folding. I'm so behind you guys but I'm loving everything that's been happening so far!

When Lily woke up from her nap, we played one of her new favorite games ( hide and seek ), worked on a puzzle and then enjoyed some fresh air outside before we came in for dinner. It wasn't anything fancy but it sure tasted yummy! I felt exhausted by the time bed time rolled around so I actually put Lily down and ended up falling asleep almost 30 minutes later! Tired Mom for sure!

Sunday morning was an extra special one as I took Lily to get a doughnut at Dunkin Doughnuts. This girl's eyes get so big when she has one of these which I appreciate and of course I had to get a few for myself. We spent the rest of the morning cleaning, working on our gifts for when Zach came home and a few minutes at a local park.

Nap time cam upon us pretty quick even though my stinker of a toddler decided she'd rather play then nap. We had a childhood friend of my Mom's stop by for a few minutes which was so nice to catch up. Can you tell this little lady was tired in the picture? We were anxious to get dinner ready, eaten and then off to the airport to pick up Zach when his flight landed! He had a great time but always, it's wonderful to be home and we agree!

Hope you had a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Sounds like a fun girls weekend! I have been wanting that Kiss Me I'm Caffeinated mug from Target but mines been out!


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