Feb 3, 2017

Your Must Have Diaper Bag

When I had my daughter three years ago and was looking for the perfect diaper bag, I knew I want something fashionable, easy and of course lots of storage for all the little things you need. It served it's purpose for a year and a half, but now that I'm due with a little boy, I wanted a diaper bag that was a bit more functional.

When I came across Baby Bear Outfitters, I knew I couldn't pass up this adorable shop. Not only am I going to be using this diaper bag but I'm thinking I may also use it as a hospital bag for our big boy's arrival. One of my favorite things about this Adventure Diaper bag is it's endless pockets! I mean you can find and store everything and anything in this bag from bottles to wipes to extra outfits and extra lipgloss or credit cards for you ;)
The design is also a favorite of mine. I mean little arrows for a little boy?! It just gave me all the feels! I adore how I can carry this bag or make it a cross body bag for when I have my hands full with a squirmy little one or groceries. Have I mentioned how much this bag is going to be a game changer for me and my little boy?!

Excuse the amount of pictures I'll be taking with it over the next few months. You know you want to get one too because they not only have cute diaper bags but clothes for you, your man and your kids and additional decor for the nursery!

What is a must for your diaper bag?
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