Mar 9, 2017

4 Kids Hair Products You Need!

This post is sponsored by BrandBacker and SoCozy. All opinions and pictures are my own.  #BeyondGentle #SoCozyHair
There are moments where I feel like managing my daughter's behavior is one thing ( I mean she is three after all and super sassy at times! ) but managing her hair is another! It's actually taken us almost a year and a half for her to grow her hair out as 'long' as you may see but wow does she get some intense tangles, flyaway and bedhead after a long sleep. I was using various shampoos and even thought about grabbing a conditioner to help her hair loosen up those tangles ( and so I don't hear "OW MOM!" every 2 minutes while brushing it out after her bath ).

While shopping at Target the other day, I saw the SoCozy selection of amazing products in the baby aisle. So many of my Mom friends had shared they loved SoCozy with their no chemicals or preservatives added plus the quality was one they all relied on. Lily has always been on the sensitive side with her hair since it can be pretty thing but her scalp tend to be dry ( she gets that from her Mama ). I was really excited to try these products and see how Lily and I could use them to help her lushes locks. 

Here are the products for those also interested!

Hush Sensitive Serum: Non-greasy, leave-in formula that helps calm an irritated scalp, working to stop itch and reduce dry flakes.

Hush Sensitive Foam: Lightweight mousse that provides natural-looking hold, without disrupting the balance of a sensitive scalp.

Hush Sensitive 2in1: Gentle purifying cleanser, specially formulated with sensitive skin and scalp in mind.

Hush Sensitive Detangler: Lightweight spray that smooths and detangles, while nourishing and adding moisture to hair without disrupting the balance of a sensitive scalp.

Interested in purchasing some SoCozy products yourself? At Target they are offering a cartwheel deal now through 3/18 for 25% off the Hush collection! Grab them today! 

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  1. We do need a detangler!!! Glad to learn about these products :)

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