Mar 21, 2017

All Summer Long Book Review

Does money buy happiness? That's the question we're dealt with when reading All Summer Long. When a charming New York couple, Nicholas an Olivia leave their home in New York to be relocated down in Charleston, Olivia is not sure if she's cut out for the peaceful life that her husband seems to promise. She also is harboring a secret about their finances.

As a prominent interior designer, Olivia finds her client list slowly evaporating, the bank account dwindling and the large house they found on Sullivans Island too daunting. While looking at the next chapter of their marriage together, both Olivia and Nick travel with her billionaire clients along with their friends and finding themselves enjoying what it's like to be with the rich and famous, traveling the world.

Bob, a wealthy client of Olivia's due to him changing his wives several times is a character I found amusing. His current wife, Maritza is someone who adores her husband although shes aware that his eyes are wandering. They have a four year old little girl and Ellen, their nanny, who possibly is Bob's new catch of the day.

While the book does start off a bit slow, once I was introduced to the ever snarky Maritza, I was hooked. She was hysterical to me, catty but true to herself. As well as the overall questions of does your wealth bring happiness? What really is true friendship and what makes a solid marriage work? The characters intertwined with the various settings made the book come alive and one that I was actually sad to put down.

If you're looking for a great beach read this spring, this is your novel! You can learn more about the author on her website,  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Don't forget to purchase the novel here  !

Thank you to TLC Book Tour for allowing me to review this book. You can follow along the book tour here.
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  1. Maritza sounds like a great character - I can see why she really pulled you into this story!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!


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