Mar 1, 2017

March Goals

A few months ago I shared a few of my goals for the year and now seeing as we're already a 3rd into the year I wanted to share some of goals for this month! I can't believe it's our last month before our son gets here! Seriously, 9 months can by quick! Anyways here are some of the goals I had planned for this month.

1. Finish baby boy's nursery - While the majority of his room is put together ( you can see the adorable rug we just put in here ) there are a few things I need to hang and of course wash his clothes!

2. Read 2 books - I've actually had to slow down a bit due to a few Braxton Hicks throughout the day which has given me time to relax in bed and pick up a book instead of running around. Currently I'm finishing Red Rising and looking for suggestions for my next book! Let me know!

3. Walk more - I'm still attempting to work out just 30 minutes a day at my gym but if not, a 30 minute walk with my family will do too! The weather has been pretty nice so I love coming home and enjoying the fresh air.

4. Tour The Hospital - I keep meaning to plan this little adventure for Zach and I to do since we're going to a new hospital here in Atlanta. It's so crazy to me thinking that both my children are born in different states ( I never would have seen that coming three year ago ! ) but I'm anxious to find out where to go so I feel less anxious when the big day arrives.

5. Plan Ahead- While I know I have a little bit of time left, I want to try and plan ahead some blog posts and anything els I can think of to be less stressed when April gets here. You know that month is going to fly by quick so I'll be looking to a few helpful blog posts to help me.

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  1. I love your goals! You will get it done. Any ideas of the books you want to read?


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