Mar 18, 2017

Summertime Pool Must Haves

I'm so excited to have the fabulous Brittany sharing some Summer time must haves on my blog today!  I'm personally chomping at the bit for summer to get here, much less Spring in Atlanta so I really loved this post. I wish I had a pool myself but really appreciated all these great must have's she talks about. She blogs over at EverydayThoughts so feel free to reach out to her! Take away my friend!  
Close your eyes and imagine the rustle of the leaves when the breeze sweeps through the palm trees. The scent of coconut oil and barbecue combine into an intoxicating aroma of what can only be described as sweet, sweet summertime. Warmer temperatures are right around the corner, and soon short shorts, strappy sandals, and outdoor lounging will be the music of the moment. Sitting seaside is not an option for everyone, especially in Atlanta, but enjoying an afternoon by the pool is a perfect way to enjoy a hot Atlanta summer. Before jumping feet first into the deep end of summertime bliss get prepared with these poolside must-haves. They are guaranteed to make any moment by the pool more euphoric.

No one wants to feel like a wet dog after taking a dive in the pool so be prepared to dry off quickly. Have a highly absorbent, oversized towel, nearby. A colorful towel, suitable for poolside lounging, is a summertime must-have. It should be long enough to lay out on and warm and plush enough to cuddle into if there is a cool breeze.

The glare from sparkling pool water can be blinding. Look stylish and protect your eyes and the sensitive skin around them with polarized lenses. Functional and fashion forward, sunglasses are the perfect poolside accessory to keep you looking great in any weather.


Remain poolside even longer by fighting off dehydration and heat stroke. Staying hydrated will help you maintain a cooler body temperature - in or out of the pool - plus, it helps keep skin looking clear and youthful. Filling up an insulated water bottle and keep it nearby while enjoying time outdoors. Athletic drinks, fruit juices, and colas are all tasty, but water is the best option for poolside longevity.

Sunscreen is vital to enjoying time outside. Protecting skin from the sun’s harmful UVR (Ultraviolet Radiation) is imperative to maintaining a healthy summertime glow. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more is best for extended outdoor exposure, so lather up with sunscreen a half hour before sitting poolside. Applying sunscreen with SPF is an easy way to extend your time in the sun and prevent skin damage.

An Inflatable Lounger
Why lounge poolside when you can do the lounging in the pool? An inflatable lounger is a fun way to utilize pool space. Plus, floating above the water is incredibly relaxing. Rec Warehouse has a large variety of floating chairs and loungers, which help make pool lounging even more gratifying. They sell everything needed to create the ideal summertime pool moment from the inflatable lounger all the way to the actual pool.


Speaking of pools, why not put one in the backyard? An above ground pool from Rec Warehouse is an excellent way to embrace the hot Georgia summers. Imagine all the poolside hangouts, the grill sessions you can walk to in a bathing suit, and the family fun you can have if there was a pool right outside your back door. There would be no more packing up the cooler, a beach bag, and the car just for a couple of hours in the water. If you install an above ground pool, you could have endless hours of entertainment without ever leaving your property.  

Rec Warehouse is the largest seller of pools and spas in the southeast and one of the largest in the country. This family-run business sells fun for less. Since fun is the name of the game, they offer so much more than just pools. Rec Warehouse has an extensive and diverse product lineup which includes high-quality hot tubs, pool tables and accessories, saunas, and even tanning beds - and they offer them all at competitive prices. Rec Warehouse has three Georgia locations throughout the metro Atlanta area.

Dave Doebler is the President of Rec Warehouse. He assumed his role in 1995 after his uncle and father, the founders of the company, retired. His three children work alongside him, and he has taught them to value the customers and the products. Growing up in a family with such deep roots in the pool and hot tub industry means they are well equipped to answer questions, provide guidance, and make sure you have all the tools necessary for summertime fun.

Visit one of the Rec Warehouse showrooms in Kennesaw, Norcross, or Jonesboro, where the employees are happy to help perfect your summertime experience, whether that means installing a pool, maintaining the one you already have, or picking out the perfect pool lounger.

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