Mar 2, 2017

Your Must Have Diaper and Wipes Case + GIVEAWAY!

At almost 7 months pregnant, the nesting is in full swing in my home. I keep thinking about what I need to pack for the hospital, last minute items for diaper bags and making sure his nursery is ready to go. One of the items I know I'll be needing right away are wipes and diaper cases to fit in my diaper bag. I had one with Lily and thought it was so convenient instead of searching through my purse for an extra pack of wipes or that one diaper I know would be at the bottom!

This adorable Vintage Sports wipes and diaper case from Diapees & Wipees,  was the perfect organizer for my hopefully sport enthusiastic little man. It was designed by a SAHM to help the needs of parents like myself. Each bag can hold a travel pack of wipes and roughly 2-4 diapers! It helps protects the diapers from getting dirty ( a huge thing for me ) and is laminated for water resistant making it have extra protection! This amazing bag also requires no maintenance to stay looking new through the toughest of situations, rain or blow outs. I love the velcro closure which is so helpful when I only have one hand to grab them and hold my little man down with the other.

Want to win a bag of your own?! Head over to my Instagram page for details on how you can win one! Good luck!
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  1. Beautiful pictures! Love this giveaway!

  2. This is so smart! I hate digging around in the diaper bag for things, especially when changing a diaper! This would be so helpful.


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