Apr 4, 2017

5 Car Repair Jobs You Can Do Yourself!

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I have to be honest here for a second. Cars and I don't really mix well. I mean I don't really know all the basics of the car other then putting into drive, getting gas, turning the windshield wipers on..that sort of thing. But when I became a Mom, I realized if I ever got stranded on the road with my kids and my husband wasn't there, I'd really need to know some basic car repairs to help us out! 

My husband and father on the other hand knows a bit more about cars than myself and both began instructing me on 5 easy car repair jobs that I could do myself if I ever needed it! Some even take less then 5 minutes to complete! So if you're feeling the need to get a little educated on some simple repair jobs, let me show you how easy it can really be! 

1. Replace Wiper Blades - Wiper plates are usually just snapped in by hand. They are light, highly visible and easily accessible. All you need to do is tilt the wiper arms upward for easy removal of the blade! Plus it takes less then 5 minutes! 

2. Replace A Fuse - The fuse box cover is labeled to identify the circuit just like on your home fuse box. Some vehicles include a plastic fuse removal tool and spare fuse. Be sure to check the location of the fuses your vehicle owner's manual but most vehicles will have a fuse puller (or you can grab a flashlight too if needed ). 

3. Replace an Air Filter- the filter box assembly is on top of the engine and super easy to access. Just remove the cover and lift out the filter! Check your owns manual to locate if you're having trouble. I use FRAM Fresh Breeze® Cabin Air Filter in my car because of how easy it is to purchase, install and keep going throughout my day! Did you know that some people didn't even know that this product exists and that it really should be changed annually or every 12000 miles? The inside of your car can actually be 6x dirtier than the air outside! What I love about this product is that it uses the natural deodorizing qualities of ARM & HAMMER® baking soda to keep the air inside my car as clean as possible. 
4. Replace A Light Bulb- If you can replace a light bulb in your home, you've got this! To remove and install is just pushing in and twisting! You may need a screwdriver to help. 

5. Change Engine Oil and Filter- Many engines are designed with services in mind but oil filters and oil fill locations are easily removal and you have less chance of spilling. The used oil can be poured into the original container and then dropped off at your local auto parts store. Be sure to use latex gloves as you don't want the oil on your hands. I also use a drain pan, funnel and oil filter wrench. It should take less then 30 minutes to complete.

I found my FRAM Fresh Breeze® Cabin Air Filter at my local Walmart. Check the website out to make sure your vehicle has a cabin air filter and you're able to replace it at your nearest Walmart location Don't forget to follow the recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle owner’s manual. It's super easy to plug in your information about your car and it'll populate exactly which filter fits your model vehicle! #Winning! Knowing that both me and my family are breathing cleaner air while we tackle on the pollen this Spring gives me a great peace of mind. 

What tips do you have for car repairs?
Have you changed your air filter?

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  1. and it saves us so much money when we do it ourselves!

  2. Wow, you are way braver than I am. I'm always so afraid I will mess something up if I try to fix it. However, after seeing how nasty these Air Cabin Filters get, I think I will head to Walmart to replace mine. #client

  3. i'm so gross and i get a sick pleasure from changing out gross cabin filters lol. I can and love doing easy maintenance like this, but if I got a flat on the side of the road i'd be useless!

  4. I didn't know air filters could be changed so easily. Thanks for sharing!

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