Apr 12, 2017

5 Ways To Improve Your Daughters Self Confidence

When I became a mother 3 years ago, I wanted to install a strong sense of self confidence in my daughter. At the time, Lily of course was only an infant but as she grew, I could see her interaction with her classmates, friends and family members start to dwindle a bit. Now that Lily is three, I wanted to add small routines to our everyday tasks or conversations that we have to help her improve and continue to maintain her self confidence.

1. Share Heroines - As a child myself, my favorite woman to relate myself too was Belle. She was confident, knew what she wanted and would't take no for an answer. She broke the stereotype of what a 'woman should be' as far as being curious, reading and wanting to do everything herself. For Lily, I've been talking about various woman to see if she can relate to them. Some heroines look like her, or have similar struggles as herself. Letting her find the woman she can look up too is key.

2. Be A Role Model - Share your confidence about yourself with your daughter. When you share what you love about yourself, your daughter will start to share more about what they love about themselves. Even on days you may not feel confident, your daughter will always think you are the role model for them.

3. Compliment Other Women - Practice how to accept a compliment ( something I've actually never been good at ). I always share to my friends what I appreciate about them or how they've helped me gain my own strengths as a woman. When you share compliments, make sure your daughter shares compliments to their sisters or friends as well.

4. Don't Weaken Her Confidence - Many of us all have experienced as a child that diminished our confidence. Make sure you do what you can to avoid doing those. Do what you can to build your daughter up, not tear her down. Continue to help her with her strengths and work on her weaknesses.

5. Allow Her To Do It Herself - I'm guilty of wanting to always help my toddler with everything but since she turned three a few months ago, it's been "I DO IT MYSELF" and I know I need to respect that. Remembering how important it is to accomplish something yourself?  Exactly. Teaching girls that they can do whatever they want and set their minds too is key.

How do you install self confidence in your child?
How about yourself or your friends? 

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  1. Such wise words. I love the compliment other women. We so often bring each other down and it shouldn't be like that! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a beautiful post! I have two sweet daughters, and I am excited to watch them grow into confident, kind women.

  3. I needed this post! I'm working on being a role model, but some days are rough for me. I am definitely better at boosting her confidence than my own.

  4. Great advice. I think being a good role model is so key to help develop a daughter's self-confidence. It's not always easy but we need to remember that they are always watching and absorbing what they see.

  5. Such good advice. I'm hoping my little girl will grow up with much more confidence than I have. She's definitely in the "doing everything herself" phase, and it's pretty great to see!

  6. Giving kids the opportunity to figure things out on their own can be so hard, but I totally agree that its very helpful in building their confidence. :)


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