Apr 5, 2017

April Goals

What's this?! Ahh, baby month you guys! Technically our baby boy was supposed to be born May 4th but because he's measuring rather large and I'm opting to do another c- section again, we moved the date up a week. How crazy is it to think that by the end of this month ( or really maybe even in a few weeks!? ) we're going to be a family of FOUR. Yes, I'm still trying to process everything with having a boy too! To be honest, I'm not the most comfortable with boys so I'll be needing a bit of advice friends!

Okay, so I loved how you all shared some of your goals with me last month so I wanted to share the goals I have with you for this month! Let's go !

1. Hospital Bags Packed - I keep double and triple checking my hospital bag just incase I'm forgetting something. What's wrong with me?! I keep thinking I'm missed something. I've even packed a bag for Lily too for her to either spend time at our friend's home if my water should break while I'm at work, or she'll be hanging out with my sister-in-law!

2. BREATHE - I know I know, I'm acting a little outside my comfort zone but I just need to sit back and breathe some days so I don't become so overwhelmed. Thankfully, my incredible husband is a pro at this and lets me vent or cry or just take in the emotion of my crazy hormones. When I start to become anxious, I just take a step back, close my eyes and take a deep breathe. Or drown my sorrows in another sleeve of double stuffed oreos.

3. Spring Clean - While I've been in and out of a nesting phase, I still like to keep things as tidy and organized as possible. I'm loving opening the windows, letting the fresh air in and having the house feel and look it's best ( you know before it becomes a disaster of unwashed bottles, spit up burp clothes and the constant sound of the washing machine going )

4. Quality Time - I know that I continuously say it but I'm going to keep soaking in as much time with my family as possible these last few weeks. I want to have a little day date with my 3 year old toddler in the weeks to come just the two of us before my time becomes more about her brother. I also want to keep walking and soak in the movements of our little boy in my stomach too. This will probably be our last child ( GAH ! ) so I'm loving all the kicks, movement and hiccups our little guy is having right now.

What are some of your goals this month? 

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  1. how exciting!! as a mom to (almost 3) boys (due May 16th, but you look WAY CUTER than i do!)... i can say that boys are THEEEEE best. I can't compare it to having a girl though since I've never raised or birthed a girl.
    you're such a a rockstar for having goals in your birth month. mine would be -- "survive" and "feed the kids".
    i'm nesting too! i'm 33 weeks, and I finally pulled some baby clothes together, got diapers, and put it all in one room. the house is not clean though, I'm hoping my lazy butt will get it together some time soon! I'm going to steal this idea for my blog and link you back -- i feel like if I publish my goals it'll hold me more accountable!

  2. Omg I love all of these ideas and I'm so excited for your family and the new baby!

  3. Love that pillow!!!! Great read and here is hoping you have a smooth birth!

  4. I love your goals especially the quality time one. Enjoy it, girlie! :)

  5. Aww how exciting! Cannot believe your so close!

  6. Those are all great goals!! So excited for you and your family!

  7. I am right behind you a month later and will pack that bag soon enough. Good luck, mama!!

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